I ran through the endless nothing,

But saw through the surrounding smog,

I saw an outline of something,

It could have been you,

It looked like it could be you.

I ran faster,

Though deceit choked my lungs,

And deception tore at my clothes,

To show me, and everyone else of my true self.

I called out to you,

Though lies filled my mouth,

And time stole any sound away,

I called in vain how I needed you.

I sought out your silhouette,

Though delusions plagued my head

And tears blinded my eyes

So I could not see the path and I might stumble,

And soon I might be lost in this nothingness,

But still I ran on,

For I had nothing to lose,

I ran through the smog,

And found the silhouette,

But found nothing,

But a statue, hollow, lifeless.

I fell and cried,

For it was all futile 

My last energy wasted,

And I had nothing left,

I cried,

Undignified, alone

And the rain set in,

Dull and unending,

I was to die there,

Alone, crying.

But you came up to me silently,

And took hold of my hand.

You were not who I had been searching for,

You said no words of comfort,

But looked into my eyes and smiled.

And despite the tears still running down my face,

All I could do was smile blearily back.

Thank you.