Walking a lonely path,
Graves either side,
Surrounded by decay,
Bars hold in the evil,
Keep out the innocent,
Blasphemy sounds,
Shouting fear and anger,
Open mouths,
Empty words,
Sallow eyes,
Hold only pure, white, hatred,
For life, and everything involved.

Fingers scrap clothing,
Continue to walk,
Voices race after,
Shadows of the past,
Echo of last scream,
Red blood dries,
Leaves a stain,
Erase the evidence?
It still exists in the mind,
Thoughts and dreams.
Haunts and shrieks.

'Evil! Corrupt! Filthy Human!'
Hide behind the darkness,
The only support,
The graves-to-be scream,
'Take Me! Take Me!
Away from this hell!'
Walking towards it though,
They don't see.
The chair,
The last breathing place,
Until death takes hand,
My hand, and leads me away.
Dead Man Walking.

By Siobhan

Date: 26/March/2004