You've ruined it all,

You've hurt me so much,

Both of you,

It used to be just fine,

In our porcelain world,

And me your porcelain doll,

Sitting perfectly as she should,

It was a world to be envied,

To all those who might glance upon it,

It was a perfect little world we had,

You ruined it both of you,

You arrogant, self-centred

Warped me, and my innocence,

You used me,

And you abused me,

And in a flash my porcelain world had fallen,

Crushed under the thousand weights of life,

And struggles, of everything I do now,

And I can hardly cope now,

All because of you.

You, both of you,

Your as bad as each other,

You whine to me, bitch about the other,

Lighten your load

Then try and buy me over,

A competition between the two of you,

To buy my support.

But you're as bad as each other,

Don't you see?

Both your cruel, spiteful words you've said to me

Sting as much as the others words,

You've ruined it now, our porcelain world,

We built it together piece by piece,

Adding intricate details, only we would ever notice,

Making it ever beautiful to look at……

But then in one eve of bloodthirsty rage,

Which led to screaming that lasted through the night,

That night it's lasted for 5 years now,

And our porcelain world has long turned to dust

You both seem to think that it never affected me,

That's a lie, you're deluding yourselves,

For when you shattered our porcelain world,

You ripped out my heart and tore it up in your rage

And every morn,

Upon seeing your face

My wounds are ripped open again,

So they might never heal.