Ch. 1- Fate's Hand

Sakura was floating in a dark area when saw a bright light. Circling the light were the twelve signs of the Greek Zodiac. She heard a voice. "Evil will rise when light and dark combine and your soul dies!" it said as the area was shrouded in darkness.

"No! Who are you!" she screamed.

She woke up in bed. "Whoa, what a nightmare." she said as she sat up.

"Sakura! Time to get up!" yelled a voice from the other side of her door.

"Coming mother."

She got out of bed before taking a shower. She dried her peach colored hair before dressing into her school uniform. She head downstairs for another day of school.

Later that day after school, Sakura and her friends were walking home from high school. "Hey, look at this you two! It's that new store I heard about." said Ami as she stopped in front of a glass window.

Sakura and Arisa walked over and the three looked inside. It looked like something that should belonged in a fantasy setting. There was cauldrons, faeries, dragons, mages, unicorns, and other mystical objects.

"Let's go inside." suggested Ami eagerly, her brown eyes gleaming.

Ami was the most energetic of the three. She often dyed her curly hair and today it was dark violet and lavender.

"Okay, coming Sakura?" asks Arisa.

Arisa and Sakura had been best friends since kindergarden for their folks were long-time friends. Arisa short hair was blue-black and her eyes were dark emerald.

"Yes." agreed Sakura before entering the shop.

Inside, there was a short lady there in a cloak. She looked like a seer and looked old enough to be their grandmother.

"Hello young ones. What's your desire?" she asked kindly.

"Oh, we're just looking, but thank-you." bowed Sakura as her friends wandered around.

"I have something here you might like." said the woman before taking out a medallion.

Sakura walked over and looked at it. The covering was gold and it had a unique design on it. The lady opened it up. It looked like a clock. It had roman numerals on it and it had the twelve Zodiac symbols on it. In the center was a moon stone.

"It's beautiful." said Sakura.

"It's yours then."

"Oh, but . ."

"No buts, it's yours now. And don't worry about the price." grinned the lady before putting the medallion around Sakura's neck.


"You're welcome my child."

Sakura once again looked at the medallion. She felt a surge of power run through her as all twelve symbols glowed.

A young man walking felt a sensation on his forehead as Aries's symbol lit up.
"What the-"

Taurus's symbol lit up on another guy's neck.
"This is . ."

A young lady was looking in the mirror when Gemini's symbol lit up on her hand.
"Interesting . . ."

While dressing, one young lady felt Cancer's symbol lit up on her chest.
"I feel warm . ."

One guy was sunbathing when Leo's symbol glowed on his back.
"Gees, now what?"

While fixing something, one lady touched the top of her head where Virgo's symbol glowed.
"I wonder . ."

As a young lady hiked, she felt Libra's symbol lit up near her lower back.

Leaning against a wall, another guy felt Scorpio's symbol glow on his hip.
"Hmmm . . ."

One girl was rollerblading when Sagittarius's symbol shined on her thigh.

Standing in an elevator, one young man felt Capricorn's symbol lit on his knee.
"I think this is . . ."

While sitting in a car, another guy felt Aquarius's symbol glowing on his ankle.
"Could it be . . ."

A lady was painting when Pisces's symbol began to glow on her foot.
"It's time . . ."

Sakura was snapped out of her reverie when her friends came up.

"Okay, we're done. Let's head Sakura." said Arisa.

Sakura bowed before leaving. After they left, the elderly lady vanished and in her stead was a woman with rainbow ankle length hair and silver eyes. She wore silver garments. Her name was Zodia.

"It has begun."

Sakura looked at the medallion in her hand.

Ami saw it finally and said, "Oh! How lovely! Can I look at it?"

"Sure." smiled Sakura before taking it off and giving it to Ami.

"It looks priceless!"

Then that very minute a guy ran by and snatches it away.

"Stop thief!" shouts Sakura.

Now even though Sakura was only four feet and eleven inches, she was very fast. In fact she was on the track team. But before Sakura caught up to the thief, the guy ran into someone. The person grabbed the guy by his shirt.

"What have we here?" the guy said.

Sakura stopped and gasped. It is Akira Oougi! He was eighteen and went to the college right next to her school. All the college and high school girls went crazy over him cause he was one of the star athletes there. He was five feet and nine inches with blonde hair, tan skin, and yellow-orange eyes.

"Did this guy steal something from you miss?" Akira asked.

"Yes . ., my, my medallion."

She was out of breath and still a little stun.

"You heard the lady."

The thief gave Sakura her medallion before Akira let him go. The guy took off.


"Hey, I recognize you. You're Sakura Uzaku from the track team of Shizuki High right? I've seen you run. Oh, my name is Akira Oougi." says Akira before holding a hand out.

"Yes, I am her. Please to meet you." says Sakura before placing her hand in his.

Instead of shaking her hand, Akira kissed it causing Sakura to blush. Sakura also felt a strange sensation. Her medallion grew warm in her other hand.

"Well, I'll see you later Sakura." said Akira before leaving.

By then her friends managed to catch up.

"Was that who I thought it was?" asked Arisa.

"Yes it was." smiled Sakura.

"Well, we better get home. It's getting late." suggested Arisa.

"You're right." Sakura said.

As they walked home, Sakura opened up the medallion to see Aries's Sign glowing.

Unbeknownst to anyone, someone stood in the shadows with an evil grin on his face. "Dorion, it's Goro. I've finally found it." he said before slipping away.

"I'm home!" said Sakura as she walked into her home.

Her home was actually a mansion. Her father was the head of his own company and was a wealthy and influential man. But Sakura knew that he was also a loving father who dote his only child.
"Your folks are in the family room, miss." said the head butler, Charles.

Charles was from England.

"Thank-you Charles." She entered the room to see her parents in two comfortable armchairs. Izuki Uzaku was a tall man with jet black hair. Minami Uzaku has long pink hair and pale skin. Both smile sadly at Sakura.

"Is something wrong?" Sakura asked.

"Sakura, your mother and I have finally decided to tell you something." said her father.

"What is it?" asked Sakura as she sat down in another chair.

"Well, dear, you see . . We are not your real parents." said Minami.

Sakura couldn't believe her ears. She sat there in shock.

She finally said, "You mean I am adopted?"

"Actually, we found you. Your birthday, May 12th, was actually the day we found you on our doorstop. I had recently found out that I was unable to have children so when we found you there, I thought it was a miracle, and we brought you up as our own." explained Minami, tears in her eyes.

"When was I born then?"

"We don't know. The note we found you with only said 'This is Sakura. Please protect her always and I will be forever in your dept.' I am sorry we didn't tell you sooner, but we didn't want to upset you." added Izuki.

"We also admit that we wanted to keep you for ourselves and didn't want to loose you, but that's wrong." said Minami.

It was almost too much for Sakura. She suddenly jumped out of her chair and ran all the way to her room before launching herself onto her bed and wept. Back in the family room, Minami started to cry as Izuki came over and pulled her into his embrace.

"Did we do the right thing, Izuki?" she sobbed.

"Yes. We'll give Sakura some time to think things through." comforted Izuki.

Sakura cries for about twenty minutes before calming down. How could her parents betray her like that. Why hadn't they told her? And where was her real parents? A bunch of unanswered questions go through her head. Finally, she sat up and looked in her mirror. Who am I? Where do I come from? One thing is for sure, she was still Sakura. She looked around her room. She remembered that even though they weren't her real parents, they still loved her. Otherwise they wouldn't had let her do what she wanted or showered her with support and comfort. Sakura sighed in regret. She shouldn't have ran.

I better go and apologize she thought before getting up.

She headed back downstairs only to find things out of order. Where were the servants? She usually saw several of them by this time. Suddenly she heard a scream. It was her mother! She ran downstairs and opened the family room door. There on the ground are her parents in a pool of blood surrounded by men in black. "Mother! Father!" Sakura screamed.

She was suddenly grabbed from behind. Sakura turned to see a similar fellow with a knife in his hand. As it came down to her throat, Sakura struggled when suddenly her medallion lit up. Her attacker screamed in pain. Sakura wasted no time. She started running, knowing perfectly well that she was being followed. She ran out of the mansion and into the night. She soon found herself in town and raced into an alley before finding herself at a dead end. She turned in time to see several assassins surround her. One them pulled his hood back to reveal a man with spiky black hair and eyes. "What do you want from me?" asked Sakura defiantly.

"Nothing, just your medallion." said the man.

"Who are you? Who sent you?"

"All you may know is that my name is Goro. Now hand over that medallion, or else you'll end up like your folks." threatened Goro.

Sakura was trapped. So these men weren't after her parents, they were after her medallion. Something told her that she should keep it, no matter what! "Come and take it then!" shouted Sakura.

"Get her!" ordered Goro.

The others rushed at her. But then suddenly, a wall of blue fire surrounded Sakura, causing her attackers to run into it and turn into ash instantly. Goro backed up.

"You lay one finger on her and you're history." said a familiar voice.

As the fire vanished, someone jumped down from a building. It was Akira! "Akira?" asked Sakura.

"I'll explain later." grinned Akira before turning back to Goro.

He suddenly changed in front of the two. His hair became red and longer. His eyes turned red-orange and he wore red-orange and orange armor and garments. He also had a symbol on his forehead. It was the sign of Aries.

"Well, well, I was wondering when you would show up." grinned Goro.

"What do you mean? I've never met you in my life."

"True, but I've been watching you for years. I know you, Akira, Guardian of Aries." "Who are you?"

Goro suddenly changed. His hair became streaked in blue and black, as well as his armor. "I am Goro, Aries's Hunter."

During this time, Sakura's medallion was warming up. "You!" said Akira angrily.

The two went at each other. Goro's ability was water. At one point, both men brought out swords. Suddenly, they heard a voice.

"Goro! That's enough! Return at once." it said.
"But Dorion! I was about to kick his butt!" shouted Goro.

"Don't question my orders Goro!"

Goro growled before saying, "You got lucky, Akira. I will be back!"

He vanished. Akira turned to see a still stunned Sakura. "You okay?" he asked.

Sakura, overcomed by all that has happened, suddenly ran toward him and threw herself into his arms. She then wailed and cried as she clung to him. Akira hugged her tight. He had been watching her ever since their last encounter. He felt the connection before seeing the medallion and recognized it immediately.

"Shh . . It's all right." he said.

"No it's not all right! My parents are dead and I never got a chance to say good bye or anything!"

Akira didn't know what to say. He just continued to hold her. He also had this sudden emotion. Something he never felt before. After awhile, Sakura finally calmed down.

"Thank-you, I am sorry." she whispered.

"It's all right. You've been through a lot."

"Just who and what exactly are you? What is happening?"

"We can discuss this at my place. I'll take you to my apartment." said Akira as he suddenly changed back into his regular attire.

"Okay." obeyed Sakura, too mentally and emotionally drained to argue right now. The two vanished.