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Ch. 10- Subterranean City

The storm finally calmed down to a simple rain not long after the Guardians got onto a lifeboat.

"At least the storm is gone." commented Takara.

"I still don't see how we're going to find Sakura though." commented Kanaye.

"We will find her." Akira stated with grim determination.

Suddenly Zodia appeared. The Guardians immediately bowed their heads.

"Oh Zodia, we lost Sakura and now can't find her. We're so sorry." Takara said, on the verge of tears.

"Don't dispair Takara. Sakura is alive. She has made it to land. If you keep going the direction you're rowing, you'll find a cave that leads to land. You must hurry though for there is trouble on that land. I have complete faith in all of you." Zodia said before vanishing.

"See did you hear that? Sakura's alive!" Natsuko said with a big grin.

"Yes, but like Zodia says we better hurry." added Kioko.

"Let's row than!" ordered Akira.


A man was walking on a desoluted beach. He had no idea why he was here. Maybe the water just called him today. But he gave up that notion because the water also took as well as give. He closed his eyes and heard a voice in his head.

"The sea always brings me such tranquility. Doesn't it make you feel that way too, Kiyoshi?" the voice said.

The memory of that voice always tormented him and at the same time brought a sense of yearning. He quickly burried the feelings those memories. His thoughts are interrupted when he saw someone laying on the beach. He quickly went over and saw it was a young lady with peached colored hair. He checked her pulse. She was alive. Kiyoshi knew storms were frequent in this area so he figured that's what must have happened to this girl.

"Man, this girl is too innocent looking. Why on earth did she have to end up here." Kiyoshi said to no one in particular.

His scarlet red eyes scanned her over and he checked her for injuries. When he didn't find any broken bones or nothing else wrong, he picked her up and headed back to the city. While he was pretty lean, underneath he had a toned body. He was pretty tall at 5'10" and had shoulder-length jet black hair with red highlights in it. People called him a lady-killer because of his looks, but his brooding personality kept alot of them at bay. Their opinion of him didn't matter to him. Nothing much did nowadays. For now he would take care of this girl and than try to get her out of this city as quickly as possible.


"Well that's a relief." sighed a male figure.

The female placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Did you really think Dorion would let her die?"

"No I know he wouldn't. But it wasn't Dorion that saved her, but one of Zodia's followers."

"True, but she wouldn't have been able to save her if Dorion hadn't calmed the storm."

"Point taken. I shouldn't have lost faith in him."

"We all loose faith at one time or another."

The male nodded and they vanished.


It took them an hour but the Guardians finally reached the cave. It took them another hour to reach the beach too.

"Man, look at this place. It's so . . . eerie." commented Natsuko.

"I feel uneasy about this place." added Takara.

"Than we best stick together right?" encouraged Kanaye.

"Kanaye's right. We best get moving." agreed Haru.

"Don't worry Sakura. We'll find you." Akira said.


Meanwhile, Sakura finally gain consciousness. She felt sore all over and groaned as she sat up. She noticed she was in spartan room for there wasn't any color in it nor much furniture, just the bed she was in and a small desk.

"You best be careful. The waves gave you some bruises." said a masculine voice.

Sakura turned to a dark corner and saw a man leaning against the wall. Kiyoshi looked her over and detected her fear, but at the same time, she saw how she managed to stay calm.

"Who are you and where am I?" Sakura asked.

"My name is Kiyoshi and you're in Kanomi City."

"I've never heard of that place."

"I am not surprised, this city is a subterranean one and few outsiders know of it. It's also very dangerous. You best leave here as soon as you can."

"How will I do that?"

Kiyoshi sighed.

"I will show you the way but that's it. Don't expect much from me miss."

"My name is Sakura. And I will thank you for assisting me. You could have left me where I was right?"

Sakura had him there. Kiyoshi just shook his head and left the room. He had more important things to do besides look after her. Sakura watched as he left. Now there was a mysterious person. She had a feeling he wasn't used to people being around. But something told her he was a good person. The feel of his place might have been sad, but she felt safe her. Her thoughts drift to the others. She hoped they were okay. She wondered how they would find her. Well, once she got out of here, she would decide what her next move be. Sakura's next thought was on the person whom she believed saved her. Something about those eyes seemed very familiar. While she appeared to be nothing but a dream, her hand felt warm enough. She hoped to see this person again for she wanted to thank her.

Kiyoshi was about to go out and get some food when he heard someone knocking at the door. Well this was just great. And when he opened the door, he was even more irritated but kept his cool. At the door was a lady with dark violet hair and deceptively warm mauve eyes.

"What do you want Amaya?" Kiyoshi demanded, not the mood for the likes of her.

"My, my Kiyoshi, is that a way to greet a friend?" Amaya grinned sweetly.

"We're not friends Amaya. Get that through your head."

"Such a mouth, you know you look much more cute with it closed."

"What do you want Amaya?"

"Hehe someone told me you found someone on the beach. He saw you bring her here. I just wanted to see if you need any help with her."

Kiyoshi cursed. He wanted to get Sakura out of this city without anyone knowing about her. He forgot how many eyes the city had. And to tell Amaya of all people. He would have told Amaya to leave, but the woman swept right past him and headed for his bedroom. Sakura was still lost in her thoughts when she saw the door open and the most gorgeous woman she ever saw come through it. It wasn't just her eyes and hair, but her whole figure. She stood at 5'4" and had the perfect hour glass figure with legs. She also wore revealing clothing with a short dress and a black belt.

"Why Kiyoshi, she looks like she got banged up! You poor thing. Why didn't you bring her to my place? People might get the wrong idea if word spreads she's here." Amaya commented.

"They . . will?" Sakura asked.

"Amaya, you know better than anyone I am not like that and besides, she won't be here long enough for them to talk." Kiyoshi stated.

"You are not going to send her out like that are you? She looks like a waif!"

Sakura certainly felt like one in the presence of this lady. Kiyoshi didn't even comment.

"Well than, how about we take her over to my place than and I'll find her something!" Amaya replied.

"No. Your clothes will definantly make her look like a prostitute and she's not going anywhere with you."

Sakura watched as the two talked. She didn't want to be a bother, but if this Amaya's closet was anything like she was wearing now, than Sakura rather wear what she was wearing now.

"Well, if you don't want me getting her something than you go find something and I'll watch her." Amaya replied.

That got Sakura's attention.

"It's okay. I'll be fine here. I will admit but I don't want to walk around your city like this but I can take care of myself." she said drawing two pairs of eyes onto her.

Irritated for some reason, Amaya stomped.

"Fine than! See if you get any help from me!" she said and slamed the door as she left.

"Did I say something wrong?" Sakura asked.

"No. That's just how Amaya is."

"Well, I am glad she's gone. Um do you have a phone?"

"If you're trying to contact the outside world, it won't help. Unless it's within the city, no phone service will work."

Sakura sighed. At least she still had her medallion.

"I think I will get some sleep. I am still tired. Thank you Kiyoshi." Sakura bowed her head.

Kiyoshi nodded back before leaving her. While he hated to admit it, Amaya did have a point about what Sakura was wearing. He suppose he better find her something decent to wear. But he didn't want to leave Sakura alone either. That's when he got an idea. Picking up his cell phone, he dialed a number.

"Mika, it's me. I want you to find an outfit for a girl. . . . Um, she average size I guess. . . Well I forgot to ask her her size. . . . Thanks Mika, I owe you one. . . Yes I will reimburse you . . . Be careful, bye."

Kiyoshi had very few contacts within the city and Mika was one of the few decent people living in this dump. Kiyoshi just hoped he could get Sakura out of the city before Amaya told the whole city.


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