Thongs; Beacon to all Boys

There it was. Glowing bright neon green, its sparkles illuminating the dull hallway. The thin piece of fabric hiked up all the way from the girl's backside to her waist, visible for all to see. Pale flesh bulged from the confines of the too-tight black jeans, while a white midriff tank top clung to the owner's body. A V-neck cut down to reveal the distinctive line of cleavage.

Wiggle. . . jiggle. . . flop. . . ba-boing!

Right in front of me was the beacon to all high-school boys. Right. And that is supposed to be attractive.HOW? And I, innocently making my way to Biology, was stuck in the enormous crowd of teenagers, behind Miss I-like- voluntarily-sticking-up-my-ass. That should be a signal to some lustful guys right? Apparently, because the silent guy from my study hall had his eyes finally glued to something else besides his Lord of the Rings; The Return of the King book.

Meanwhile, the green beacon turned right with about a dozen eyes following. I sighed, rolled my eyes, and kept walking. That's when I saw Miss Pink Stripes. . .