Here, a woman so fair and delicate;
two phosphorescent, purple eyes,
two lips like stitched roses,
a beauteous glow of her peach skin.
She lies as a flow of vines;
her body sprawled in the forest,
as her aura stretches through,
glorifying all those watching eyes.
And you walk closer to her,
beauty transfixed into your sight,
so astounded by this human.
Cannot postulate the existence here,
as she nestles quietly, peacefully.
The fair hair swifts on your shoulder,
and you are left shuddering.
Crumbling from a motion of her hand,
and your insides fluctuating,
quaking from her surrounding you.
She moves closer and closer,
panic-stricken, you want to touch her.
Snapping out of the trance,
you ebb away slowly, tear filled,
the vision of her imprinted,
paned into your memories for always.
If only you could have felt,
felt her slender fingertips touch you.
You will come back for her,
your lingering will never, ever cease.
That woman so fair and delicate,
will eventually dissipate your fears.


A/N: hehe, the fear is... well... a phobia of beautiful women. Weird huh?
Never heard of it before but I thought I'd do something with it in
a light tone, not in a phobia-ish way.