By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was Friday,March the 19th that David
Hart was about to work with a few kids
At a preschool that was next to a beach.
Then,something's gotten outta the reach
Of beachers and landed near the kids.

And after he picked up the vollyball
And took it back to the beach,all
Of his eyes had grown as wide as saucers
,For he had suddenly discovered her.

She's a Courtney Thorne-Smith type
Beauty who wasn't into any form of hype-
And her name was Sabrina Banks,
Who was living in her Lifeguard rank
Long before she became David's type.

And then,after he gave the ball back
To Sabrina,David asked her to go back
To his place for a romantic dinner.
She thought about it and the answer
Was 'Yes',because he's showing her tact.

While they were enjoying their meal,
They both realized what the deal
Was between them and agreed to spend
The night,in order to instantly blend
Their lives and enjoy the feel.

And so,after they've removed their
Clothes and placed themselves in their
Passionate embrace,they both had
Enjoyed the best erotica they ever had,
While everyone else enjoys the air.

After they've finished their moment
Of passion,David has just sent
Himself over to Bree's place,where
He packed some of her stuff with care
And took it back to his tentament.

Now,even though this isn't like the Bard
,But both the teacher and the lifeguard
Had fallen in love with each other
And decided to stay together--forever.
And that's what you don't disreguard.