Inexplicable tears

Fall from reddened eyes

Caused by unfelt emotions

Locked up for years.

The surging river

Runs from my crimson eyes

And from my mind come forth

Torrents of unknown emotions.

Feelings of hatred

Of anger and frustration

Feelings of guilt

At these things I feel.

Tears fall like rain

From black-rimmed ovals

Created by my unfelt emotions

Kept secret, buried for years.

Unbridled emotions

Course through my body

Ripping and tearing

Uncaring outbursts of rabid emotion.

A heart fit to burst

From unfelt emotions

Let loose by your words

Released by your friendship.

Feelings of sadness

Of fear and frustration

Feelings of guilt

At these things I feel.

Twinned love

Prevailing over all

Two different faces

Underneath they are the same.

Identical twins

But non-identical faces

Disability, entirely to blame

Yet I look elsewhere.

Someone to blame

To yell at, to blame

Someone to rely on

To cry on, to love.

I have found that person

Someone to yell at and blame

Who won't judge and who always understands.

A friend, a lover and a saviour.

I have found this and so much more

In one man, who in his pain forgave me all my sin

A man, who when ridiculed and hurt

Still had love for them and forgave them.

I cried to him and he held me

Tightly to his chest

While my mortal body lay

Convulsed in tears.

He loved me even when I yelled,

Forgave me all my sins

Cleansed me of the deep run guilt

He saved me and holds me still.

His embrace is warm and comforting

When life gets hard

He is there for me as I struggle.

He lifts my face upwards to him.

A deep vanilla calm comforts me

And I am free and clean.

My lord, my lover, my friend and saviour.

Jesus Christ, Lord of all.

He loves me and I love him.

Forever and for always

He understands my pain

God of all the universe, Jesus Christ.