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Subject: With Hungry Eyes
Date: 3/26/04 8:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ATK440

It had happened on March 26th,which was a Monday--
And also the same day when a Mister Joshua Day
Was driving through a small town named Gellerston,North Dakota
On his way to a press conference in sunny California
And had to stop at a diner along the way.

After he had entered the eatery and asked for permission
To use the restroom,he had spotted a Bianca Lawson
Type beauty leaning against the bar and looking at him
With hungry eyes,before saying,"Hi.My name is Kim
Jackson and as you could see,I'm on a mission."

And after he asked what type of mission,Kim answered,
"To find the perfect man.",before pulling him towards her
And kissing him ever so passionately on his own lips.

Then,after she had placed his hands on her hips
And he had noticed how soft her skin was,other
Things that were suppossed to be on his mind had
Quickly disappeared and only the newfound lovers in that pad
Were all that he was able to think about and
She wanted to do something that she thought was grand--
To give him the best erotica that he's ever had.

After they've removed all of the clothes and placed themselves
On the bar,they've started making love all by themselves,
Until she sinked her fangs and claws into his warm
Fleash,even after he'd noticed that she's beyond the norm--
That she's a succumbus that was cursed by dark elves.