I'm running free
why don't you try?
go ahead! try to stop me!
I'm skipping around
but my feet don't touch the ground

I'm flying, I'm breaking free
There is no end to my ecstacy
my dreams? they float away
reality is here always
because nothing gold can stay

if you knew I was content
that, for this moment, i've let go of my self resent
would you be happy for me?
or wish i was back to the way I used to be?
I don't know how much longer this will last
but, for now, I'm running fast

I'm flying, I'm breaking free
I can glimpse the clear blue sea
my dreams are floating away
because reality is here always
nothing gold can stay

the gold wears off
seasons pass
the silver shines
I catch a glance as I run past
I'm running.... running past.....

I'm flying, I'm breaking free
this is the way I'm supposed to be
dreams are gone
but they will return
like sunshine to our drowning earth
and I'm still running...