I'm always asked what's wrong
but I never answer them
I wonder what took them so long
to figure out that something isn't right
something inside of me is dying
and it's just being brought into light
it's been hiding in the back
laying in the shadows
it shows you what I lack
it proves to you that I follow
i try to stand apart
but my parents don't really approve
so now I wear clothing that I hate
I wear makeup I dispise
I am involved in what they ask me to be
I tell secrets to those I don't trust
don't misunderstand me, i like them
but they lie to me
i say things I don't mean
what i do mean, i must keep quiet
for they don't allow it
i'm not dissing my parents
i really love them, i suppose
as much as I don't know about the word
they don't realize how much pressure
is put upon me
so I stay silent
and put on a smile
i'll stay in this depressing hole for more
than a little while