~~~~~~pathetic me~~~~~~~~
I'm stuck in this hell hole
with no place to go
I run but soon I'm caught
and all my energy is for naught
because they love me
they love me, but dislike me
if there's logic in that....
is sounds messed up
but that's my life for you--screwed up
he wants me to love and respect
respect, all he's done for me
I'm thankful for all of that
but I am not capable of loving him
not when he's hurt me so
I have nightmares
and cry myself to sleep
over things he has done and said to me
he doesn't understand me,
doesn't want to, doesn't really care
they find new ways to torture me
take my music, my choices, my "flare"
I'm so sorry!
you must believe me!
I cannot be who you want me to be!
no matter how hard I try
it's not good enough
i feel so pathetic sitting here
but it's true
I want to be me, not you
I want to listen to emo
to run and see how far I can go
I want to sit by a stream
and watch the water gleam
I want to write my stupid poetry
and read my stories
you can ridicule me if you'd like
but i no longer care
i'm tired of being a bore
leave me be
i'm tired of trying to be who you want me to be
i don't want to be you
i want to be pathetic little me