Red and lucious
the scent invades my senses
you, little rose, make me think
of smiles, gardens, moments of bliss
so soft, so sweet--
you reming me of he--
the gift you represent
the gift you are
leaves me far from joyous
it leaves me with shame
like I need to take the blame
I'm not filled with love
and "warm, fuzzy feelings"
you are so sweet and caring
but so is he
my emotions are uncontrolable
and my poor broken heart is gullible
I want his care and his beautiful eyes
I want his embrace
just a few stolen moments
one of his glorious smiles
I need his understanding, his kind words,
his advice
until I can be with him, I have you
maybe feelings can develop for you
but I make no guarantees
you're to sweet to spend your time on me
i hope, for awhile, i'll be good enough for you
because my secret is I like someone else too...