Everything in Me

You can't put me neatly
In a little box tied neatly with
A blue ribbon.
I break out
Shatter your expectations
No labels, no boxes.
I don't belong upon
A shelf with everybody

There isn't any stamp
On my forehead:
Loser, punk, prep, skank, nerd,
Stoner, academic, poser,
Because I am all of these
And none of them.
There isn't enough room
Above my eyes for
Everything that I am.

I am no only what I wear
I throw on AE sometimes,
My Vans and old school Converse
Never leave my feet.
I have red and black stripes
In my hair, like a tiger on fire.

I am not only what I hear
I listen to Green Day, Mozart, Godsmack,
the Ramones, the 1812 Overture, Bad Astronaut,
Pavarotti, Three Days Grace, Charlotte Church,
Shakira, the Dixie Chicks, Matchbox 20,
Blink 182, Savage Garden, Velvet Underground.
My mother's voice rings harsh and
Everybody's statements ricochet in my brain.

I am not only what I think
Against abortion, but
It's every woman's choice
Harry Potter is not the devil
And Wiccan's are not evil.
Georgie is doing the best he can
And Gore looks bad with a goatee
I believe in Capital Punishment
But life sentences work just as
Well. There is no such thing
As destiny.

I am not only my friends
I don't like JPop and
Making scenes over mice is
Not my thing.
I like Marvel and DC
More than anime
I can't play 'Classical
Gas' on my shitty
Guitar, but I still persist.

I am not only what I read
My favorite magzine is
AP, but Seventeen is Cool.
I page through YM and Cosmo
Dracula and Anne Rice are
Cool, but I can read
Whomever I like
Because Nicolas Sparks and
The National Enquirer are
Just as good as Pride and Prejudice.

I don't fit into your little
Yellow boxes tied neatly
With little blue ribbons high
Upon your shelf.
You can't categorize me.
Undefinable, unobtainable
Not see through, but open
Like this notebook.