I can't take it anymore
You sucked my brain out of my skull
But all it seems to be is a chore
I used to shine, now I'm dull
Everywhere and inbetween, it's me you tore

And dear, you smell like bitter almonds
Not sweet enough for me
Just syrupy enough for anyone you've won
So I think I'll stop falling to my knees
After awhile, it starts to stun

Yesterday seems like yesteryear
I think it's possible, now, to fall out
Because now I'm not so sincere
No thoughts of you, no doubts
Everyday you disappear

And dear, you smell like bitter almonds
I'm tired of being seen straight through
This far away obsession just isn't any fun
Sick of this feeling, not so untrue
So I'll just stop, I think, and let you be undone.