A Fairy Tale

Hugs to whoever can guess which television series this is written for. And I know that, technically, this should
go in Fanfiction.net, but I don't think many of you will get it, so it's here. Get over it.

This life is not her storybook
Anymore of this, she cannot brook
And what sort of story is it
When the princess doesn't give a shit,
And the prince is vapid and shallow,
Who anyone will so blindly follow?

Where the wicked witch lives and contrives,
The bad guys are pretending in order to survive,
And Yoda has reformed from the dark side,
Too worried to be the heroine's guide.
The sidekicks get going when the going gets tough,
And for her knight, her love just isn't enough

The one man that stays is lost in himself,
Just can't put things away on the shelf.
He's waiting just to close the cover
Wishing for the days of another
And they don't know how to save face
Covering up his fall from grace

No one will come to save them
All is threatening to fall in mayhem
Because the princess thinks it's all in vain
Doesn't know anything but her own pain
She tries to love her only sister
But overcompensates and wants to hit her

And will the fable lull the kiddies to sleep
When they find the princess let the monsters creep,
Because she's just so tired of it all?
Is it fitting that the heroine is the princess on the prowl?
And at the end, when the monsters almost win,
Will it be too much for the princess and her kin?

Will the children whimper and fuss
When the tale, instead of following rules, goes thus:
The hero is really an evil thing reformed
Into beauty, darkness and light transformed
And will they be satisfied when they find
This story isn't black and white and everyone is colorblind.

When the final battle has begun and is through
Who will win? Whose blood the ground will soon imbue?
The princess heroine and her sometimes not-so-lover
And her friends, who do bad disguised as good, undercover?
Or will this tale break all of nature's laws?
Overlooking them as flaws

When the tale has finally been completed,
The losing side irrevocably defeated,
They leave the forever hallowed ground.
And all is silent and all are gratefully unsound.
The warrior of God is weeping in happiness
For now she knows how truly she is blessed.