For any readers of old, the Dagger of Bane gets its ending! I fixed that little problem. Starting in chapter twenty-five, I believe, it starts getting mentioned throughout. I really am sorry I sort of conveniently forgot about that thing.

For new readers, I hope you enjoy my story. The first couple chapters are not very exciting. I tried shortening them a little. It picks up after that. Just bear with it and I promise the humor will come in overdoses later on. Be prepared for a mutant poodle wearing pink ribbons, legendary daggers that look about as useful as nail files in a fight, a very interesting romance between two flamboyant mage royals, oh and a queen/princess who is bordering on insane and cannibalistic, according to her travelling companions. Add a few seadragons, a dose of old childhood rivalry, and perhaps an entire nation of dyed hair. Yes, it's funny, if I do say so myself.

For all my poor confused readers. These are the nine main characters of the story, starting with the narrator of the story. Refer back to this if you ever get confused in matching a royal heir to his or her kingdom.

The Five Promised Ones and Their Countries:

Prince Galen Dethmet Cardian -Crown Prince of Deth Arda -Crown Prince of Metti

Prince Merick Florin Xantheddon -Crown Prince of Xanthedd -Crown Prince of Lenoria

Princess Destiny Arlian Sedanna Vidrian -Crown Princess of Nak -Crown Princess of Delnethardi

King Harridon Sh'kole Quartidius -King of Engarrdor -King of Athladia

Queen/Princess Lyddia Georgianna Estella Florentina Morina Cleoria -Queen of Sercuul -Crown Princess of Phra'laish

The others-

Prince Arron Kylor Derimme Koroli II -Crown prince of Tthelore

Prince Phileas Moridi Koroli IV -Crown Prince of Ckisht

Princess Helena Arriada Leanni Edryal -Crown Princess of Muriso -Crown Princess of New Werden

Princess Shammille Imladra Mariette Edryal