Shadow Life

A prison of shadows, clouding my mind

No windows, no light, no way out

Am I forever in this eternal shadow?
To be a slave to the world to use and toss like nothing

Having no fate, no mind of my own.

This prison of an inescapable darkness

A life not worth living for

Hated for who I am, the ethnic I come from

Despised for being born to the daughter of my grandmother

Abhorred for my imagination of a free-loving person

Spurred by my own siblings for my astuteness

The light of sun and stars stand so far

The fire of life smaller than a grain of sand,

A grain of sand a thousand years away.
The stars of hope, lost in the darkness of the night

The sun of dreams, gone with the rising hour of darkness

The spark that drew me to this matrix of a world gone like yesterday.

This is my life

My darkness

My pain

Mine forever.