The Undecided


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Summary - If you all want me to continue this, Kay will travel to the other countries, learn to use Shadowling magic, and learn more about her people than she wanted or needed to know.


Kay leaned her head against the bone-chilling cold of the stone walls. So maybe Kay wasn't her real name. Her people didn't have names. Up until today she had been "that troublesome Shadowling in group d48" today she was "the leader of that awful rebellion." One of the people in d48 had named her Kay when she was small. Apparently Kay was supposed to mean 'joy.' Kay could count on one hand the number of times she had experienced joy in her life. She felt hysterical laughter start to bubble to her lips and yanked her shackled wrists apart. The result was sweet, fizzing pain around her wrists, clearing Kay's mind and stopping her from falling apart.

With her mind newly cleared and her wrists beginning to throb, Kay could look around and evaluate her situation. There wasn't much to evaluate. She was in a private cell, as she was expected of starting the rebellion. Truth be told, she had avoided it completely, and had been framed by her 'friend.' Kay was extremely angry, a normal emotion for her. She took a few breaths to clamp down on her emotions before looking around again. Heavy wooden door, no way to pick the lock from the inside. No windows. Stone floor hidden under years of dirt. Kay couldn't get her neck to look upwards, but knew that the ceiling was too high up to be of any assistance. So she was trapped until someone opened the door. This afternoon. To walk her to her death. What luck.

Kay was in a pretty sad state. Her black hair (a common trait among her people) was matted and chopped off unevenly at her shoulders. Her black eyes held no sparkle, and it was impossible to know when the pupil started and iris ended. Her left eye was surrounded by red and yellow bruises, giving color to the otherwise pale, white face. Her delicate nose was thankfully unbroken. She had the thinnish face of an undernourished person. Her naturally black lips were slightly tinted with her own blood. Kay's clothes (breeches and a shirt) were of poorest quality, undyed, and coming undone at the hems. She was thin and small for a being fifteen, and looked much younger than she was.

Kay's wrists were purple from her attempts to break free of the heavy, metal shackles. Each finger ended in a silver nail, broken from hard work. Kay's palms were callused for the same reason. She knew she had at least one cracked rib and that she had done something to her right ankle so that it would barely support her weight. She didn't own shoes, and the soles of her bare feet were cracked and bleeding from walking on treacherous ground.

She had gotten into this state during the rebellion. Keith had actually started it and was not caught. The authorities were executing Kay and saying that she started it to prevent it being known who they had let slip through their fingers. The rebellion had been unsuccessful. Kay knew it wouldn't work, and had stayed out of it. Or, at least, attempted to. It was rumored that there were some clans of free Shadowlings, but Kay had never actually seen one.

Her people used to be a grand race, or so the stories went. They were the Shadowlings. They had amazing magic, and were deadly as an assassin with any weapon. That was no more. He stories said that they were tricked by the Clan of Light. Now her people were mere slaves. As for magic, any slave with knowledge of how to work it was immediately executed. And as for weapons, maybe they had innate skill, maybe they didn't. None of the Shadowlings were permitted to be anywhere near a weapon, though they could harm without one just as easily.

They Shadowlings had always considered emotion a waste of strength, useless. They closely resembled corpses, with their pale skin and black hair, black lips, emotionless eyes. Kay had never felt much like the rest of her people. Her hair was not shiny, her eyes would occasionally spark with anger, or glitter with suppressed tears. When she was a child, she used to laugh. This had separated her from the rest of her people. No one wanted to talk to a fool who couldn't even control her actions and expressions.

As little as Kay was like the Shadowlings, she was even more different from the Clan of the Light. The people of the Clan had the palest gold skin, sometimes flushed with pink. They had blue eyes that glittered and sparkled, and pink lips. The people of the Clan had lightly textured hair that could be any color from golden to pale blond. The only similarity between the Shadowlings and the Clan were the silver nails, marking them as able to use powerful magic.

The Clan prided themselves as completely Pure. They defended themselves as being 'too good' to kill the Shadowlings and would not free them for fear the Shadowlings would harm the people of other countries, who used a different kind of magic, and did not know a spell to stop a Shadowling from using magic. The Clan was more afraid of the Shadowlings remembering their magic, and using it against them, and the Shadowlings knew it, if the Clan didn't.

Even worse, all the surrounding countries were completely on the side of the Clan. Apparently those countries were filled with mages of a different type. Talk among the Shadowlings was that someday they would rule all of the surrounding countries. When Kay was small, she had once dared to ask why they wanted to rule other people. No one had said anything, they didn't need to. That had marked the beginning of her alienation.

Kay shook herself out of her reverie at the sound of approaching footsteps. She was surprised that she wasn't more upset at the prospect of death. Death would come swiftly and painlessly, in the form of poison. The Clan considered bloodier methods not 'pure' enough for them. Kay rose effortlessly to her feet, ignoring the pain in her ankle.

The door was being unlocked and was opening now. Kay saw it in slow motion. Now was the time to run, She screamed at herself to run, but she couldn't move. That annoying voice at the back of her head whispered 'why bother? If you run you'll just die in a fight instead, wouldn't it be better to just go along?' Kay stepped on the voice, but too late, her opportunity was gone.

Standing in the doorway was a member of the Clan. A young man, with blond, shining hair and eyes the color of the sky. He was holding a naked, well-made sword in his hand. He looked down at Kay (she was short and delicate, and he was tall) and nodded towards the hall, "Follow me." He commanded. His voice was calm, and peaceful, as if he was discussing the weather. Kay followed him down the hallway, appearing nonchalant. Inside, her fear was replaced by a kind of cool relaxation, everything was still moving slowly, and the hallway seemed to go on forever. She soon realized why he didn't even have his sword pointed at her. The doors to all the cells were locked and the only way out was through a locked door at the end of the hall. There was a window to the left of the door, looking out on a peaceful garden two floors below.

When they reached the door Kay noticed the window to the left for a second time, shining light equally on the Clan member and herself. His hand on the doorknob, the man explained, "All you have to do is swear allegiance to the clan, and tell us where to find this Keith, and we will give you your life." Kay spoke without thinking, and could barely recognize the smooth, cold, confident tone as her own, "I will never owe you anything. I will not swear allegiance to anyone, least of all the Clan." Then Kay moved quickly, her body reacting without her mind making any orders. She stomped on the mans foot, wrenched the sword away from the unresisting hand, and jumped through the window, breaking the glass, all before the Clan member had time to react.

Then Kay was falling through the air, her skin stinging in a few places where the glass had cut it. She hit the ground, and ran before she had time to remember how far she had fallen. There was a snap, and she was certain she had broken her ankle all the way. Kay ran through the gardens. Thankfully, the back outer gate was close to the cells where she had been kept. Kay had never seen the castle, let alone tried to force her way out of the back gates, the ones heading into the forest, facing away from the city.

It was surprisingly easy, Kay reached the gates as they were letting in travelers. No questions were asked, as the Clan never went to war with anyone, and the travelers did not resemble Shadowlings. Kay blended in easily with the shadows, and slipped out the gates before they closed. She ran as far as she could into the forest, until the adrenalin ran out, and she collapsed into blissful sleep at the base of a tree.


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