Mr. Omniscient

Do you know Mr. Omniscient?
No? Well let me tell you his tale
Because I'm sure you've met Mr. Omniscient
He doesn't work on a small scale

He's quite the bastard, Mr. Omniscient
And he always works in the strangest ways
Never underestimate Mr. Omniscient
'Cause he'll turn your life into such a craze

He's got a sense of humor, that Mr. Omniscient
Though his jokes aren't really funny at all
But it's great fun to Mr. Omniscient
To watch the little mortals fall

Do you know what he does, that Omniscient?
He'll wait until you're off your guard
Then he'll strike, that bastard Omniscient
And his blows are always hard

Sure you're thinkin' there's no Mr. Omniscient
But you just hold on 'till your life's goin' great
Then he'll throw you a curve, that Omniscient
And you'll realize your big mistake

That's how things go with Mr. Omniscient
Yeah, I found that out the hard way
He hit me hard, that Omniscient
And the damage is there today

So keep your eye out for Mr. Omniscient
He's not someone you want to meet
He doesn't care, that Omniscient
Every time you will get beat

He cheats at his games, that Omniscient
He never plays fair ball
Then he'll laugh, that Omniscient
Because Mr. Omniscient sees all.