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~~**Love at Last**~~

By: Kenyako Divination (That's me! ^^)

I smelt bad, to begin with, when I was found, like the stagnant odors that only a corpse could give off. And of course, that's what I was found next to at the tender age of six.

I had known love as a child, since it came from my mother and father, but I felt a new sense of it when I met those people. They had taken me in after my parents had succumbed to a disease that only struck adults, leaving many children homeless and in time, dead.

Just like me.

However, I was saved from the squalid conditions of my dilapidated farmhouse where I lived with my parents and brought back to the most astounding of places.

Oh it was beautiful, like the concoction that only a dream could muster. Walls of ivory surrounded the entire city, and each house glittered like diamonds in early morning sun.

Naturally I felt awkward to even gaze upon such magnificence as these castle walls, but I pushed the feeling away and relished in the comforts that only this place could bring.

My childish mind at the time could not stop its wonderings and I felt compelled to keep my weary eyes open to absorb as much of this wonderful world around me that I could. Perhaps if I closed my eyes this would be the dream that would end, and instead lead me back to the old house to linger where my parents lie dead.

I had missed them, like most children would and cried now that I thought about them never smiling again. But the woman, being one of the two that saved me, consoled my aching heart with a loving embrace.

She must have been a mother, for only mothers know how to love a child the most.

While her delicate hands had caressed my hair, I felt my eyes close from her gentle touch and the rocking of the carriage that we rode in. Such a child I was, trying to stay awake after such an ordeal, but I needed it I guess, something to calm myself.

When I had woken up I found that the dream was in fact reality, and I was now met with the sight of glorious ceilings held up by hand crafted pillars and mirror-laden halls that tickled my fancy something awful.

This was a child's dream, of course it was! How many children daydream of such a place and watch from afar as royalty steps in and out of such a fantastical place.  

It was such a great day and I knew that somewhere in heaven that my parents were happy for me. Aside from all that happened and all I had seen, something else made me even more speechless.

A boy my age stood by the stairs with one of the handmaidens and gazed at me with large, quizzical violet eyes. His lip was quirked in an equally confused look bordering on a pout.

I don't think he liked me from that time on. To him I probably looked like the pony with the wrong colours, but to me he looked like a little lost child.

Who knew that he was the prince of this kingdom? I sure didn't!

From that time on our very first conversation turned into our first fight when we couldn't agree on anything or just fought for the sake of fighting. Our petty arguments would never get too serious though, considering that I was the servant and he would be the king.


"Tenshi!!! Come here!"

Scrub this, polish that, what a life I live, serving more of the royal advisors than actual royalty. But I'm happy, mind you, after living with these people for fourteen years now as their ever-obedient servant boy.

"Tenshi, I need you now!" my prince called from his chambers. Being the submissive one I was, I dropped the soapy shirt back into the basin and dried my hands before rushing down the hall to find his Majesty.

I never knocked; I never had to since he always knew I was coming, usually from the pitter-patter of my steps against the carpet that was worth more than I.

The doors to the large room where thrown open and I stepped in confidently! Or at least that was what my imagination did, the real me timidly crept inside to find his Majesty sitting on the edge of his bed still in his nightgown. 

"About time you got here, now help me undress," he said quickly, walking from his bed to stand in the middle of the room with arms up over his head. "Father expects me downstairs for breakfast, then training."

I nodded and quickly stepped pass him to retrieve his clothes, but I still felt his violet gaze boring into me. It was common; he never really talked to me like a friend, just a servant and it hurts me a lot since I lov-um like him.

With his clothes in my arms I returned to him and placed them on the table only a few inches away. This part was always awkward for me, and why shouldn't it be? I still was not used to undressing another man, even if I had fantasized about it more than once.

Closing my eyes, I reached my hands down to the bottom of the garment and lifted it up, forcing my eye to stay shut with threats of sawdust being thrown into them.

The usual routine was so frequent that I could put a pair of pants on a person in pitch black if ever need, not that it would, but I managed to dress his Majesty's bottom half, which finally led me to open my green eyes to gaze up at him.

His shirt was next, rather plain, but perfect for his strenuous session with his father and advisors. I felt my cheeks flare as the pristine while cloth was wrapped around his tanned body like the wings around a god. 

"Why do you always turn red when you do this?" He asked with the quirk of his fine brow. Oh, if he only knew what my mind dreamt. He'd most certainly have my head.

"I turn red, My Lord, because I feel so honored to be in your presence, this blush is nothing more than my body's reaction towards touching you with such insolence." I replied, keeping my head bowed as my fingers nimbly buttoned the garment.

"Enough of that 'lord' and 'Majesty' nonsense, my name is Osamu, you know this, so start using it," he commanded, grabbing my hands to stop them from doing up the last button and possibly wandering anywhere else.

Osamu's hands held mine tightly and I carefully looked up at him through the veil of silver hair covering my face. He was smiling at me when I thought that he would surely be scowling.

"Thank you for your help, Tenshi, I appreciate all you do for me," his soft voice cooed, like the gentle sound that only a dove could make. He leaned towards me, the same smile gracing his features as his head dipped down to do nothing more than look over my shoulder to find his coat.

So he left me there, shocked and flustered while something more important occupied his mind instead of me. I sighed and ran my hands through my long turquoise highlighted, silver hair that Osamu forbids me to cut, and dragged myself out of his chambers.

My hair, it was like nothing of the other people's in the kingdom. Everyone here had hair either ebony or just plain dark, while mine could blind a person if the sun caught it just right.

There are occasional times, even now, since we were children, that Osamu would call me into his room at night and ask me how I was feeling while he caressed my hair until fell asleep on him.

I don't think I ever actually finished a full conversation with him at those times and the next morning I would wake up nearly on top of him, but I would always be gone before he'd wake up to avoid an awkward situation.

It was well worth it on my part since that's all I ever wanted. Just to be cradled in his arms. But it would never happen because of him, besides he is the prince and I am nothing more than some vagabond that they found crying pathetically in a cottage all by my lonesome. 

Sighing and running my hands through Osamu's favorite fixation, I treaded down the stairs, ignoring all the courtesans that glared at me as I passed. That's another thing that has been bothering me lately, all those women here to be my lord's potential wives. 

Stupid women! Evil succubus's that are plotting to take away my precious! Ah! What a vile thing to say, I'm so rude that I should surely have my eyes gouged out and boiled in acid.

"Tenshi, what are you doing standing around, come, you have to help with breakfast." Sara yelled from the doorway with a tray in her hands. I followed, just a little crestfallen about my earlier thoughts and entered the kitchen.

I smelled the air; the rich, pungent odors of cooking food made my mouth water as I hurried through the kitchen to the dining room, which was empty, save for my prince's brother.

He acknowledged me with a nod and smile, before returning to his book that was laid out on the table. Work always took my mind away from petty thoughts, especially today since I was concerned about one main thing.

War, it was a major issue in the empire these days and most of the royal family had gone and served, returning badly wounded but still alive. I feared now that after all this time that Osamu would be dragged into all this and his life would end.

However, thanks to the king's planning, the idea of Osamu even doing such a thing was not fathomed. I should have been happy, and I was, but part of me thought differently and was still worried.

"If you keep thinking about my brother you'll never get the table set in time before my mother and father come in." Ken warned me, lazily flipping the pages in his book open.

I flashed him a smile and hurriedly covered the table with lavish dishes and silverware. Ah, the silverware, the things created for royalty was astounding while the rest of us ate with our hands like animals.

Oh yes, I can't believe I neglected an important fact just a few moments ago. Osamu's younger brother knew all about my feelings towards his older sibling, but he always questioned why I did, seeing as how the two of us used to fight constantly up until four years ago.

I guess the two of us just grew up finally, but I had always liked him and each day despite his way, I felt new emotions brewing for him.

With the table done and presentable, I waltzed over to Ken and sat next to him to peer at the book that he was so enthralled in this week. He smiled and held up the cover.

"It's so amazing what these people claim the future will be like, truly amazing," the fifteen-year-old exclaimed, laughing lightly at the artist depictions that he gazed at.

A smile spread across his pale lips as he literally swooned over the book. His love affair with books was like my desire for Osamu. Except in this case, he could have his books.

"Tenshi! Get in here!" Sara yelled again, startling me from my present thoughts. I stood quickly and retreated into the kitchen while she placed wine and glasses on the table just as the royal family. 

His majesty Emperor Shin and his wife Empress Rika walked in, smiling gently at each other and sharing silent words. Followed by Osamu and many of the advisors and even some of the courtesans, they all sat in patience for food to be served.

With plates in hand, I pushed the door open and walked over to them and placed the trays down, feeling just slightly awkward when I sensed eyes following me.

I looked up to see indigo eyes staring at me through thick dark bangs, from hair that wasn't purple and wasn't blue, but somehow a mixture of both.

My mind was so preoccupied with him that I didn't notice that the tea I was pouring was starting to overflow onto one of the courtesan's lap, causing her to scream shrilly.  

"Ah! I'm so sorry miss! My mind was elsewhere," I cried, grabbing a napkin from my left and dropped onto the mess, "let me clean that up."

"Get your hands off me at once!" she screamed, pushing me off and dealing a harsh slap to my face. It didn't hurt, she was just a frail woman, but what did hurt was when her father, none other than another king, came over to me and struck me, sending me soaring to the ground.

I heard the startled gasps from the people around, but when I managed to push myself up a little I saw that what they were shocked about was nothing more than the girl's dress.

For the sake of the royal family's honor, no one spared me a second glance. No one even made a move to help me off the floor, not even the other servants.

"Shin, I don't know why you keep that, that vagabond around, but next time see that he is not around when we visit," the other man threatened, still refusing to look at me.

Picking myself off the ground, I staggered out of the room, trying to get away from the piercing glares because of some spilt tea. I wouldn't be working today, I just didn't want to be seen, but no matter where I went there would most certainly be someone there.

However, I knew a place where I could go.


  I laid there for hours, listening to the creaking of the castle settling and shifting. No one had come to find me, but I couldn't blame them since they all had lives and pride to uphold.

Besides, I didn't really think that someone would come down into the basement storage hold, the place where all the straw, wheat and grains were stored for bread baking.

So here I lie, watching as spiders idly weaved a web or ate a poor fly that landed on its sticky surface. You're just like me, aren't you, little fly? Trying to make his way through the world, but getting caught just as things are looking up.

For life it a web to be endlessly snagged in, isn't it? 

"Tenshi? Are you in here?" a very familiar voice asked, sounding silky smooth to my ears. I looked up from trying to feed the spider grain in place of the little fly that struggled in the netting to see Osamu standing there with a lit candle.

"How did you know that I would be here?" I asked, leaving the insect alone and turning to Osamu in respect, when what I really wanted to do was just cuddle into myself.

"You've been coming here to hide since you were seven, so I knew you would be here," he replied. I heard the shuffling of his clothes as he lowered himself to the ground in front of me.

Perfect, fine-boned fingers reached out to me and gently took my face into warm hands. I was forced to look at him, which allowed Osamu to clearly see the tears in my eyes.

He gingerly ran his thumb over my cheek, brushing the bruise that was already forming there and wiping my tears away.

"I'm sorry that I didn't say anything. Please don't hate me," he begged, sounding more like a guilty child then a noble prince.

I felt my lips quirk lightly at his plight, he sounded so worried about my response. "I could never hate you My Lor- Osamu, and I could never hate your parents," I said calmly, searching his eyes for something besides genuine guilt, maybe even some sort of love.

At this time I wish I could have said those three words, wished that I could just move forward and cease his powerful words with a sinful kiss, but with a kiss it would all end and he would hate me in return.

"It's late, Tenshi, very late in fact, I wish to retire to my room. Will you accompany me?" he asked, standing up and offering his hand to me. Swallowing the nervous lump in my throat, I clasped his hand with mine and allowed him to pull me to my feet.

I suppressed a shudder as I looked up into his crystal violet eyes, his mystical orbs being heightened by the lucid pale moonlight spilling in through the small window.

He kept my fingers intertwined in his as he led me upstairs. The whole palace was silent; the inhabitants all long ago retreated to their beds for sleep, which had me wondering just how long I remained alone in isolation this night?

The castle was cold this night, so frigid that I could clearly see my breath in front of me as I exhaled in sudden anxiety. As we ascended up the stairs, nothing could be seen in the dark curtain of the shadows, which all the more left me shaken and disturbed that I clutched tighter to my prince.

Finally, after it seemed that the staircase stretched on forever, we reached the large oak doors of Osamu's bedchambers. I felt my throat go dry, like I had inhaled too many times in the cotton fields.

It was foolish of me really; I had been in his room countless times, but why did it now feel different? Was it the way he held me so close or the way his eyes now seemed surreal as he gazed at me.

When I was led into his room I felt my heart begin to speed up, and the clicking of the lock only made my chest thump louder, nearly deafening me.

Osamu's silhouette could be seen faintly in the dim light of the candle, which was becoming all the more viscous by the way the small flamed licked out violently at his hand that held its wax master.

Slowly he shuffled to the table and placed the candle down. Through the flicker of the flames I could see his eyes forever watching me as I moved or simply let a breath out, but it was the least unnerving.

"You look timid, Tenshi. Don't worry, I won't harm you in any way." Osamu cooed, turning around in my direction with a smile before slipping off his robe.

I watched it flutter to the ground innocently, but looked up once more to see that my lord still remained clothed with a partially opened, long shirt and nothing more.

"It's so cold tonight, and I've been in your room before, Tenshi, it's not that warm, so you shall sleep with me tonight," he said softly as his feet glided over the carpet closer to me.

I didn't argue when he pulled me from my petrified position and onto the bed, taking the candle with him. Yes I lov-liked him, but this was far too odd even for me.

Usually he spoke endlessly about everything to me when we were alone and played with my hair. So why did I feel as though he had a hidden agenda this night?

The light was snuffed out, allowing the darkness to envelope all it chose, making even the sounds of the inside and out become louder.

The two of us lay there, not exchanging a single word, either it be from my awkwardness or his stubborn nature. Seconds melted into minutes until I was sure that hours could drift by without our knowledge and I thought for a moment that he had fallen asleep.

However, when I inclined my head just slightly I could see him staring at me through the shadows, but nothing else could be seen. Was he smiling? Scowling? Or did his expression remain blank like my mind?

Perhaps it was the cold interior of the room we occupied, or maybe it was some sort of illness on the prince's part, but whatever it was I wasn't prepared for when the sheets were tossed off slightly and a soft, yet firm body rolled on top of me.

"Y-your Majesty!" I whispered, regardless of the fact that we were the only ones in the room, "what are you doing?"

No answer, not that it surprised me, he never answered question out right, not even to his father. He was heavy, but not uncomfortably so, it was actually nice and I would have enjoyed it if I didn't know how horrible this situation was!

"Osamu, tell me what the meaning of this action is, plea-" sudden silence had befallen me now as lips as soft as rose petals pressed against mine with such ferocity that my mouth was forced open with a startled gasp and my prince's tongue slipped inside.

I reached up to push him off, but then if I did that I'd most likely be thrown out the window down into the pointiness of the castle turrets, and I didn't want that any time soon.

For a solid minute all I could do was flail my arms about as Osamu continued to kiss me long and hard, until his hands reached up to cease my erratic movements.

Finally after nearly three minutes and lack of air, he released my lips in a heavy gasp of breath and pulled away. I licked my lips, tasting the faintest hint of blood from where his kiss became too demanding.

I couldn't say that I didn't enjoy the kiss, far from it actually and a certain region of my body agreed whole-heartedly, but I felt even more confused now.

"You taste wonderful…my suspicions were correct. Like sugar and wine," he breathed, using his hand to balance himself and the other to caress my hair soothingly, "I've wanted to do that for so long."

I remained in complete silence as he began to nip and suck on my throat and the nape of my neck until I had to stop him. I couldn't allow this to continue if it was just for release.

I would not be used for just that purpose.

"Osamu, why did you kiss me?" I asked gently, staring up at him with pastel green eyes. His tongue darted out and swiped across his bottom lip as though he still tasted my body even now.

And again there was no answer.

"Fine, if you won't say anything, then get off me! I don't want to be affiliated with such things! I won't be used and I don't care about being beaten for my insubordination!" I declared boastfully, pushing him off finally, but he wouldn't allow that.

"What? I'm not using you, Tenshi, I just thought, well I thought that you wanted me as I wanted you," said Osamu in a genuine tone, keeping me pinned beneath him like it was the most important thing to him.

Wanted me as I wanted you? Were those really the words out of his mouth? And how did he know that I wanted him? I made sure that I was very discrete about staring for too long.

Something else was amiss here.

"How would you know that I 'wanted' you? I never said anything," I whispered, even when he would speak at the normal rate. Suddenly, a blush formed on Osamu's cheeks, something I don't think I've ever seen on my prince's face before and he looked away nervously.

"W-well, two major things gave it away. The first one being that my brother told me about it and, well, since you hit your coming of age I had been sneaking into your room and you do tend to talk in your sleep," he admitted and I now I had a blush to match his.

"Ken told you? I'll get him for that," I said to myself, but didn't miss the small smile gracing my prince's lips, "so then I guess that you already know that I-"

"Love me? Yes, I knew that much, and for four years I've felt the same, I just couldn't pursue you, not knowing if you felt the same. I'm a stubborn man, Tenshi, you wouldn't be able to beat a confession out of me," he chuckled, his warm, sweet scented breath washing over me.

I tried to stop tears from coming to my eyes, but being the emotional fool I was, I could not cease them from pooling from my eyes and drowning in them. How could I not cry when I found out that the person I wanted so much loved me in return?

Osamu's hands reached out and gently wiped my tears away but his fingers lingered on my cheek longer than needed. He leaned in once again to claim my lips, but I stopped him, I had at least one thing to say.

"Tell me you love me," I demanded abruptly, almost glaring at him for a straight answer for once. He smiled and nuzzled his nose against my own like a cat would its owner for a bowl of cream.

"I love you, Tenshi," he replied. I opened my mouth to say the same, but he literally ate my words as his lips sealed over mine and stole my breath along with my words. Oh well, this was better right now and I couldn't ignore my body's response to being so close to him.

Each kiss he gave me became more demanding, each caress became rougher yet delicate in its own nature, just like Osamu was himself.

His fingers were amazingly nimble as he removed the buttons of my shirt and tore it open before pressing his cool palms against my chest. Despite the frigid conditions in the castle, my body felt hot all over, tingling throughout my entire body like the prickling of needles against my skin.

I jumped, slightly startled when I felt Osamu's tongue dart out and begin to lap at my chest, never once neglecting my nipples. I gasped when his teeth grazed the sensitive bud of flesh, and I found my hands grasping his hair, threatening to pull it out.

He didn't make a sound when I started to pull harshly at his hair, but part of me began to wonder if Osamu was into that thing I heard all the stable boys talking about. What was it? Masochism?

Oh, did my mind go blank when he bit down on me, but his gentle kiss made the pain bearable and I found a strange sensation bubble in my stomach at the new erotic feeling.

These feelings, they were so different and unusual to me, but I found my mind knocking my sensible impulses aside and the desire began to pour out from me.

Slowly Osamu's hands began to drift further down, touching and grasping at every region of my body, until finally his hand brushed against my already straining erection.

"Ah! Osamu!" I threw my head back, but briefly I saw the smirk on his face from the silver rays of moonlight; it was so full of pride and confidence, all of which came from making me writhe in need.

He then moved up my body to kiss my lips, which were busy trying to suck in enough air before he started his blissful torture again.

"Tenshi, are you enjoying this?" he asked breathily, his hand giving my member a teasing squeeze to emphasize his question a little more clearly. Not that I needed clarification.

The answer he received from me was a mixture of a moan and a gasp, a sound probably without a name, but just as effective to get my prince wanting more.

His hands ran down my chest, abdomen and waist, causing me to writhe under his touch. He did not press his hands to me, but instead teased me more with the ghostly caress of his fingertips. While his digits danced across my flesh, his lips gingerly kissed my navel, and I could feel his tongue swirl about on my skin.

Such treatment I was given at that moment, something so exquisite being done to me and by the prince of all people. I had always imagined losing my virginity at a bar or in the stables, not underneath the king's son, being fondled so lovingly and intimately.

Truly a dream not worthy of me.

But worthiness was thrown aside, and titles were forgotten, leaving just two lovers intertwined together, feeling each other's hearts beat erratically as light kisses and burning touches were exchanged. It was all so much.

Even in my clouded musings I was able to feel as his heated kisses travel down to the base of my manhood, while his cheek nuzzles the inside of my thigh.

A moan escaped my mouth as his tongue trailed up my length from base to tip, and I could feel his arousal pulse against me. My resistance broke when he took me into his mouth completely, his teeth scraping against the sensitive flesh of my weeping member.

The feeling, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before; the warmth, damp cavern of his mouth was so intense that I felt myself about to let go. However, he pulled away from me, refusing to give me relief just yet.

Osamu's breath came short, his chest heaving, but I was unable to see his expression in the eclipsing dark of the room. Although, I didn't need light to feel how hard he had become, but I was slightly confused about how he could be so aroused when I had not even touched him.

"Your voice is so sexy that I can't help but get excited," he answered my unspoken question, his voice husky and sensual. I spared him a smile that went unnoticed to him in the darkened room.

As though he could read my mind, I felt him move off me, and the faint sound of shuffling clothes was heard before the room was illuminated slightly by a burning candle next to the bed.

I nearly came right then when I saw him in the candlelight. The flames had cast shadows against his lightly bronzed skin, accenting each crevice on his body. He smiled when he caught me staring at the rigid shaft between his legs, and I felt the blush spread across my face quickly at being caught.

 "You're beautiful when you blush," he said, pushing me back against the bed and straddling me, our mouths fastening together in a bruising kiss. When we separated, I watched in fascination as he placed his fingers into his mouth, finding myself mesmerized as thin lines of saliva followed his digits as they left his mouth.

"This might hurt just a little bit," he warned me, but I found myself puzzled at the notion. That was until of course my legs were spread as wide as possible and his slick digits slipped inside me with difficulty.

I cried out, from what I couldn't be sure. It hurt a little, but if anything it was just strange, foreign, but I relaxed and allowed him to ease his fingers deeper into me, pushing and spreading my tight channel to accommodate his size.

Again, he notified me of what was to come, but I stayed calm, because I knew that he could never hurt me intentionally, and based on what I had seen the stable boys doing at times, it would be quite pleasurable.  

Swiftly and without so much as a grunt of strain, he pulled my waist up closer to him, and the slick head of his erection pressed to my entrance. With a kiss blessed on my forehead, he pushed into me, stretching my virgin tightness as far as it could go.

I know that I started to cry, but I couldn't help it, not when each inch of him was being forced inside me.

"Tenshi, I'm sorry. Are you all right!?" he asked, kneading the flesh of my thighs in calming, circular motions. Despite the pain, I pushed myself onto my elbows and kissed him gently.

"I'm perfectly all right, the pain is nothing at all. Please, continue." I asked, lying back in near exhaustion, but I perked right up when he pressed deeper into me, stroking my center, making me wail out loud like a whore in heat. 

Steadily, Osamu worked up a rhythm, pounding into me and groaning with each thrust, while I moaned and cried out along with him. Already the pleasure became too much, but my prince added to it by reaching in front of himself and gripping my stiff length.

His fingers worked wonders against my staff, pumping and squeezing me as he continued to plunge into passage. I gasped, my voice raw with bliss as I found release, oiling his hand in my essence.

During my climax I heard him cry my name as my muscles finally clamped down on him, milking him of every drop until he collapsed on me in a panting heap, the both of us spent.

Thankfully the walls of the castle were as thick as they were to shield the rest of the castle from the sounds coming from my Prince's chambers. If anyone were to be awake at this late hour, they would have heard our muffled screams, wanting moans and panting from the two of us.

I sighed in bliss once I calmed down completely, but my heart never stopped beating as Osamu remained on top of me.

To think that a commoner like I could now be bedded by the crown price of the royal family was nearly laughable and, if I was seen like this, there's no telling what would happen to me.

But at this moment, I didn't care at all. There was just Osamu and I, nothing more. We shared a final kiss before he slipped out of me with a soft groan and rolled over to the other side, pulling me onto him and tangling his fingers into my hair.

We shared a declaration of love for each other, before closing our eyes and embracing not only each other, but sleep as well.


It had been a month now since that morning I had woken up to find that it wasn't a dream. I remember looking up and seeing my prince's sleeping face and the serene look plastered to it.

When he had awoken there were sweet words exchanged, but they didn't last long considering Osamu's father was banging on the door to wake his son up for sleeping in four hours later than he should have.

And so, things became all the more secretive in the castle. Servants noticed my change and sudden happiness, also the fact that most days I could barely walk properly. Other than that I was as sluggish as I normally was, usually scrubbing a throw pillow that turned out to be the cat and cleaning old antiques that were supposed to be tarnished.

Stuff like that.

Even the war had been settled with a treaty, meaning that my love didn't have to endure any sort of pains that might have befallen him. It was a good day. 

"Tenshi, we'd like to ask you something," Sara said, her and a ground of others surrounding me. I blinked and swallowed my breakfast of bread and cheese while I cleaned before smiling.

"What would you like to know?"

"Well, we're just a little interested to know why you've changed suddenly?" she asked for everyone else, in which they all nodded in agreement.

"Changed? I haven't changed, now leave me alone, I'm washing pillows," I said, continuing to scrub until my knuckles were white.

"Um, Tenshi, that's the cat again."

Stupid thing! Sighing in exasperation, I tossed the mangy, now nearly hairless cat, aside and stood up to them. "Nothing is going on with me so drop it please," I said, maybe a little too harshly, but my lover's reputation was at stake right now.

Sara opened her mouth to respond, but was silenced immediately by something behind me. I turned around and saw what she was startled about.

Osamu stood there, staring down at Sara and me with an intimidating look, but I knew that it was for show and acted like I was nervous around him when really I waited to reach out and embrace him.

"Enough of your endless banter you two, get back to work!" he snapped, causing everyone to turn around and scatter to other regions of the castle. I was about to do the same, but found myself locked in his strong arms.

I knew he couldn't resist.

His hands reached down and touched mine, the fine fingers lightly dusting against my calloused hands. I felt him frown into my hair and he sighed sadly.

"You shouldn't have to work like this, Tenshi. You're far too beautiful for such trivial things and above all you're my lover and you should never have to touch dish water," he cooed, kissing the shell of my ear.

I laughed lightly and patted his hands, "don't worry, I like to wash dishes and clothes. It's very…relaxing." I replied, gasping when his hands now decided to play with something else.

Some strange, inaudible noise escaped my throat and I had to swat away his invading fingers. The last thing I really needed was for his family to come around the corner and see this.

However, the idea of him backing off was rather pointless in itself and I felt him pushing me further into the darker parts of the hall. I think he was a little aroused since for the last two days he had been unable to sleep with me because of matters with his possible courtship.

He assured me constantly that he would go there and politely turn down the offer, and he had, but not without angering his father first. Shin wasn't a violent man usually, but with things as they were lately he was stressed and ended up hitting his son.

Osamu had been distant around everyone as he tried to hide the bruise on his face, but I had seen it and that night I comforted him. He told me that he hated living like this, always being told what he had to do, feeling caged when all he wanted was to be set free.

I wanted to set him free, but I had nothing to offer him, but I wouldn't tell him because he'd go on forever telling me that I did. But now was not the time to think about that, especially not now that Osamu had his tongue so far down my throat that he could most likely taste what I had just eaten moments ago.

Oh well, I was definitely getting used to this and enjoyed it frequently since Osamu seemed to have a rather strong need for me. Who knew something like this could happen so fast?

"Oh my god! Oh my god!!! What are you two doing!?" Ruri, another servant the age of twelve, screamed when she saw me pressed up against the wall with my legs wrapped around Osamu.

Osamu dropped me to the floor, not intentionally, as he went to track down the little brat that had taken off as soon as she saw us. If memory serves right, she usually tells the Emperor and his wife everything.

We were in deep shit now, mmmhmm.


"There are no words to even begin explain how sick and disturbed I am right now!" the king yelled, slamming his hand down onto the oak desk. His wife jumped lightly from her husband's reaction but said nothing.

She said nothing, not even when her own son was hit over the face with a heavy textbook or called such hurtful things. I felt tears fill my own eyes as Osamu winced with every word out of his father's mouth.

"What's wrong with you!? You have women that line up to be with you and you don't even bother. Instead you go with this, this faggot beggar! You are the heir to the throne. I will not have this known to the kingdom!" Shin bellowed, each word cutting into me and stinging all the more.

"I don't care what you think, father," Osamu boldly stated, his exterior hard and unfaltering. "He is mine, in body and soul. I claimed him and love him. Quite frankly, I couldn't care less about what you think."

I saw the look in Shin's eyes when his son had defied him so nonchalantly, like his father's warnings and crude words had no effect on him.

The king's hand rose again to strike his son and I watched as his palm soared closer to my prince's beautiful face, but Osamu didn't feel the hit. No, I couldn't allow that and stepped between the two to take his onslaught.

The faint sound of Osamu's voice could be heard through the ringing in my ears and his gentle touch seemed to numb the pain slightly. I opened my eyes to clearly see him yelling at his father.

Call me weak, because you may and I know that a small punch in the face shouldn't knock me over like this, but I was never built for fighting. People called me delicate, fragile; every word they use to refer to me being weak is true.

Because it's true. I think that I was put on this earth to be Osamu's comfort, to allow him to shrug off the shackles of a life that really wasn't for him. He was a man that needed to know the full extent of the world.

He was the type of man that wanted to taste the earth, the wind, and the waters of the world, not be placed on pedestal to rot away the rest of his years without truly experiencing life.

And I would be there to experience it with him.


It wasn't a surprise when after Osamu's fight with Shin that he took me upstairs to his room and we both started to pack away his clothes and possessions. He did so with an angry look on his face, and muttered things under his breath.

Once I packed all he allowed me to, I sat on his bed, watching him stuff packs with money that he had kept over the years.

"Are you sure about this, Osamu?" I asked from my current perch. He looked up at me, his eyes indifferent and left the packing alone to walk over to me.

"I'm tired of living this life, Tenshi. I want to live out in the world, not behind stonewalls. A place completely like how I am, a place where I can stay forever, with you," he said, blessing my cheek with a small kiss.

How could I deny him now? This was what he wanted to do and I would use every fiber in my being to make him happy. If he were sad, then I would comfort him; if he were angry then I would calm him and if he was happy then I would be there to share his happiness.

"If you want to do this, then I am behind you all the way. Although, I worry about what your parents will say since I am their property." I said, in which I received a deep chuckle.

"You don't belong to anyone, Tenshi. So don't even think like that." I smiled at the statement. What a kind thing to say to me, especially now that I didn't feel like a servant anymore.

With the final snap of a clasp on his packs, Osamu was done packing and soon he would leave behind his old life to replace it with a new beginning.

I didn't have anything except clothes, but Osamu discarded the thought of getting them and would give me his garments to save time and space.

When we were fully dressed and clean, with everything ready, we heaved a sigh and opened the door to the hall.

"You were wrong, Osamu. About me not belonging to anyone," I said boastfully.

"What do you mean?! No one takes rightful claim over you! You belong to yourself, and no one else."

"Well, I belong to you, and I wouldn't want that any other way," I said, for his ears only. He smiled and pushed me out the door. I knew I struck a cord on his heartstring, but he obviously wanted to get out of here and away from his overbearing father.

When we walked down the stairs, each of us holding a pack, we tried to ignore the gazes of the people watching us. Some of them were sad, some angry and even some a little envious, usually the courtesans, other than that people remained placid.

As we passed, I caught Sara's gaze. It was sorrowful and she had tears in her eyes. Of course I felt a pang of guilt swirl in my chest and ran to embrace her.

She trembled in my arms, sobbing quietly and promising that she would always remember me. There didn't need to be any promises, no, because I would be back to see her someday, and she could come visit Osamu and I when we got settled.

"Good bye, Tenshi," she said and I reached out to catch a tiny teardrop on my finger that slid from her closed eyes. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. She was my first friend since I was brought into the palace and I would miss her deeply.

"It's not good bye, not yet anyway. I'll visit you, I promise, and I'd take you with us but you know I can't."

"I know…but I'll miss you all the same. Take care of yourself, Ten."

Another embrace between the two of us and it was time to leave. I took Osamu's offered hand as though I were his bride. Heh, silly thought, but that's what it was like and who knows, perhaps someday.

"Osamu?" we both turned to the voice. Shin stood there with solemn eyes and an equally grave expression. I watched as my prince moved closer and smiled to his father.

"I'm leaving, father, please understand that this is what I want and nothing you say can stop me," he said, and I waited for the slap. Instead, Osamu was pulled into a warm embrace and his hair was caressed lovingly.

"I understand. This life isn't for you, son, and I no longer wish to keep you bound here."

Complete shock was written on everyone's faces, but mine held a smile. This was what Osamu had wanted and he was given it. He was blessed with approval from his father.

There were tears, coming from his mother mainly, and words of goodbye spoken then. There was nothing to worry about really. Osamu's younger brother Ken would be the heir and I 'accidentally' let it slip that he had a special someone that he was rather intimately involved with.

We were actually given two horses for traveling to our new home and we slung our packs over their backs for the long trail ahead.

 Where we would go? I don't know. What would we do for money? Beats the hell out of me. All I know is that we will figure this out together.

But for now, we have to get going.

There is a long way to go before we sleep, and a new life to journey towards.

~~*The End*~~

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