My Lynnie,

Darlin' I miss you, but I suppose that goes without saying.

Here we are, stationed not forty miles out of Baghdad. It's been pretty dull so far. My detachment won't be deployed for some time, so we've had a good chance to look around, get settled. For the record it's about 85* here. Haha.

It's weird. I don't know what's worse; actually being in battle, or sitting here waiting for it. I'm just glad I'll be in the air. I give so much credit to the guys rollin' in on tanks.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, especially about you. Thinking about that day we met. You were in PJ's I remember, surrounded by friends meandering around the dorms. God I thought She's beautiful. And thank God you like Dashboard, cause I don't know how else I woulda got you talking. Funny, I remember being so nervous at first, when I finally pulled you away from your friends. Until I saw you smile, that is.

Funny that Dashboard Confessional is what brought us together. I guess it's only right, music was always your passion. And when I see you on stage singing, well, it makes me wish it was my passion too. Some people say that's when you shine the most, Lynn, but I don't think so. When I wake up, and you're already up going about your business and singing to yourself, and then you see I'm awake, and give me a smileā€¦it just makes me feel alive. That's when you're the most beautiful, when you're just being you.

Well I must be boreing the hell out of you with all this blubbering. I'm sure you'll tease me about it later. I've gotta get going anyway. I miss you, dove, take care.