From The Other Side

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Saturday,March the 27th,that a young comic book artist named Scott O'Neil had drove to his childhood home in the small Wyoming town of Bearclaw with his newfound best friend,a Jeri Ryan beauty named Alison Holly,who has volunteered to help Scott with putting his family's house in order.

Only before they were about to step inside the house,both Scott and Alison had no idea that some mysterious force was watching them from the upstairs bedroom window--watching them with evil eyes and a sinister smile on his lips.

Just then,after they had opened the front door and stepped into the house,a curious Alison had looked at Scott and asked,"So,what was your dad's occupation,anyway?"

And after he had turned towards Alison and let out a sigh,Scott answered,"He was a scientist.Only he was not the type of scientist that NASA would want on its staff."

"What you're saying is that he was like a certain Doctor Frankenstein.Am I right?",asked a curious Alison.

And then,after he had thought about it,Scott had taken a deep breath and answered,"That's just about right."

A few seconds later,after they had looked around the living room and saw all the stuff that was still inside it,Alison had scratched her head and asked,"Well,Scott?Where do you want to start first?"

Then suddenly,after he had looked at a sofa that had looked like it has seen better days,Scott had placed his hands on it and answered,"Let's start with getting this sofa out of here,before it attracts more than just flies."

But then,after she has agreed with helping Scott move the old and worn out sofa out of the house,the mysterious stranger has aimed a dart gun at Alison's butt and fired a dart,which had hit his its mark and caused Alison to drop her end of the sofa and

scream in pain.

"Alison,are you okay?",asked a concerned Scott,after he had placed his end of the sofa on the floor and ran over to his best friend,who has allowed a single tear to run down her cheek.

"I'm okay,Scott.",answered Alison,after she had swatted the small dart off of her rear rump."It must've been a bee.That's all."

And then,after they've both had agreed to just drop the subject,the duo had gotten back to the task of moving the frumpy sofa out of the house.

But as soon as they had finally gotten the old sofa outside,Alison had placed a hand on her head and was trying to catch her breath.

"Alison,are you okay?",asked a concerned Scott."You don't look too good."

After she had slowly looked up at her best friend and placed her hand on his shoulder,Alison answered,"I'm okay.It's just that it's so hot out here."

"Well then,why don't you go back inside and take a shower to cool off?",asked Scott,after he had helped Alison step back up to the front porch."They haven't turned off the water yet and I bet that my parents wouldn't mind if they were still alive."

And then,after she had thought about it,Alison had looked at Scott,let out a small smile and answered,"Okay,Scott.I guess I might do that."

Just then,after she had staggered her way upstairs to the bathroom and turned the water on,Alison had removed all of her clothes,stepped into the shower and allowed the water to flow all over her nude body.

But suddenly,after she had placed her hands on her hair and made the shocking discovery that she was able to pull out large strands of it,poor Alison had screamed bloody murder,which had caused Scott to charge upstairs and find out what had happened to her.

However,after he had kicked the door open and looked into the shower,a look of shock had appeared on Scott's face,for he had noticed that most of Alison's hair had fallen out and a pair of strange antennas were growing out of her head.

And just as he was about to ask her what happened,the stranger had stepped out of the shadows,stood naked and with the same pair of antennas growing out of his head and said,"Hello,Scott!Your father has finally returned from the other side!HA HA!"