L.A. Brawl

The stars twinkled brightly despite the harsh city lights. It was a quiet night in L.A. in the spring of 1987. The cars roared past on the freeway, but that is to be expected, is it not? After all, we are in L.A. On this unusually quiet night, an abandoned warehouse district is about to get very noisy


Fujimitsu Wakayama crashed through the store window like a brick. A look of utter surprise was on his handsome face as he went through.
" Jesus Christ!!" he exclaimed as he fell on the floor. He brushed glass off of his leather biker jacket and out of his spiked hair. " Is that all you've got, you fucking pussy!" he shouted at his attacker.
The huge man pulled out a chain and advanced. Fujimitsu folded his arms and smiled. When the big man forced the chain forward, Fujimitsu grabbed it, pulled the man toward him, wrapped the chain around the man's wrist, forced him to his knees, and hit him in the back of the head.
"Do any of you other losers want to fuck with me now?" he taunted. The smile on his face widened as a man with a stiletto rushed towards his doom. Fujimitsu grabbed the man's wrist and flipped him over. He lifted his boot and stomped on the man's face.
Another man rushed at him. The attacker had his fist raised and was screaming a terrible battle cry. Fujimitsu readied himself. As the attacker came closer, Fujimitsu took hold of the man's arm and flung himself to the ground, causing his attacker to crash through another window. The poor bastard pulled himself off the floor and readied himself for another attack. Fujimitsu blocked every blow with one nimble hand. With a cruel smile, Fujimitsu's arms went through a flurry of punches and found the sides of the man's head. In one clean swipe, he took the man's head right off.
The body fell to the floor and rid itself of its fluids. A large puddle of blood formed on the floor. Fujimitsu slowly surveyed the damage he caused. He disdainfully brushed the blood off his jacket. His boots crunched the glass as he walked out of the store. He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and snapped his fingers, causing a small purple flame to appear. He lit the cigarette and smiled. He thrust his hand toward the store and a large purple fireball was ejected from it. Fujimitsu hopped on his Harley as the sky was coloured with a deep violet hue. He smiled as he rode into the night.