Luineraugwen: Hey this is my first story on Fictionpress and I hope you like it. I like reviews and sometimes flames. But please try to make them explain why you feel badly about this story. I understand fairly well that I'll get lots of flames for this story but please understand that this is this the way, a twisted way, of how I see it. To me anything is possible. Including magic and the rest. You're probably wondering what the hell I'm going on about but you'll know after you read it. I hope it's not that bad and that some people like it.

Note to readers: This is a fictional story. Any names, places or dates are purely coincidental. Also this story is not meant to offend any one's belief in religion. My apologizes if it does. Enjoy.


Prologue or Foreword

I guess now is a good time as any to tell my life story- well the important and not boring parts anyway- for any person who may take an interest in it during future times. I guess I will start with the first time I met 'him'. That was, after all, the most important thing that ever happened to me. Now I suggest that you make a mug of hot chocolate, find a comfy chair and star t to read. But just a warning, don't read this on a dark, stormy never know what'll happen.


Adrian Walker wasn't your average sixteen year old teenager on some levels, yet on others she was. Her parents were normal...strange but normal. They had recently moved into a large house aptly named Hillswood Manor. It was an old two storey building set on a hill, surrounded by trees whilst overlooking a beautiful lake.

On this particular day, mist drifted around the house, between the trees and over the lake. The sun was hidden behind grey-black clouds. A storm was on its was but that did not damped Adrian's spirits nor did it hinder her path. She walked calmly through the grey trees, enjoying the solitude they brought. Autumn and winter were fast taking their toll. The leaves had fallen to the ground in numerous mounds of red, gold and mostly brown. The trees had lost most of their color, fading and withering as though they were the dead. Many looked like the skinny, bony hands of a skeleton reaching out to the sky and the mist that hung in the air only added to the creepy setting.

Even though the land she now lived on had a distinct eerie feeling to it, Adrian wasn't one to be intimidated by it. Not once had she ever believed in the supernatural. Sure, she found ghosts, demons and the likes interesting but she only dismissed them as the actions of an over-imaginative mind. She still believed that.

Thunder sounded in the distance and even thought the thought of walking in the rain didn't worry her, Adrian knew it worried her parents. She had a funny feeling that if she was to stay out here longer than usual, her mother would probably call the police as well as the search and rescue teams just to find her. Adrian stifled a laugh and began to walk back to the manor, lifting the hood of her jacket over her head as she went.

It wasn't long before Adrian noticed that the mist was getting thicker and the air colder. She could feel the chill biting into her skin after it passed through her jacket. Suddenly a deep, low howl pierced the air. Adrian stood still. That was no ordinary howl of a wolf, besides they wouldn't be coming for another few weeks. Perhaps they were early. She continued walking, picking up her pace but there was an unfamiliar feeling settling on her. She felt as though she knew that someone was watching her and although she knew that wasn't true, Adrian couldn't shake the feeling.

It was then that she heard the same noise but this time it was growling...and a lot closer to her. Also, this time it sounded as though it was a combination of several creatures, not just the one. Adrian swallowed forcefully and turned around, immediately regretting it as soon as she did it. Before her stood a monstrous three headed dog that towered over her. It was a huge, black terror with yellowed teeth, horrid breath, matted fur and blazing red eyes that rolled around it their sockets. A heavy metal chain was tied around its neck, dragging on the ground behind it, while massive manacles restricted the movements of the front paws. Saliva dripped front the three mouths and pooled on the ground around its feet.

Adrian didn't need any one to tell her who or what this creature was, she already knew. Having been interested in mythology for a very long time, she knew who this beast described perfectly. Cerberus. This creature was well-known for having three extremely savage heads, which made it an excellent guard dog. Cerberus's duty was to guard the gates to Hades...or Hell, which ever you prefer, and make sure that no souls got in or out of the place. He did a very good job of it too.

Even from where she stood, Adrian could see the empty black void swirling behind Cerberus. Every now and then she saw a soul attempt to escape, only to be forced back by the beasts snapping jaws. That sight was burnt into her mind forever but it was the constant wailing and screeching that would haunt her waking hours. Her eyes began to sting and she brought a hand to her ear. Bringing her hand into viewing distance, Adrian was surprised to see blood on her finger tips. Her blood.

Cerberus's nostrils flared with the scent and it approached Adrian, its teeth bared. Instinctively she took several steps back, trying to keep a suitable distance between them. But the more steps she took, the further the beast advanced. All of a sudden Adrian tripped over a tree root and Cerberus lunged at her. Time slowed down...

Adrian watched if in slow motion as the beast pounced on her, the space the manacles allowed Cerberus's paws to move was just enough to trap her between them. She watched in pure terror as he lowered his three heads over her. Adrian would've screamed if the putrid breath of the creature hadn't stolen the fresh air around her.

Out of nowhere, a flaming leather whip passed between to two. Cerberus immediately backed away from her, his multiple heads whining as he went. Adrian looked up to find the wielder of the weapon and was surprised to see a boy around her age standing lightly on a branch of a tree. Cerberus, somewhat forgotten for the moment, had continued backing away, then he vanished, taking the portal to Hell with him. Adrian on the other hand, stayed exactly where she was, her gaze transfixed on the stranger.

White lightning forked across the sky, illuminating his features. His hair was blacker than the night, yet somehow his eyes were darker than his hair. More lightning flashed and he jumped nimbly to the ground and stood before her. The first drops of rain fell from the sky and slid down his bare bronzed chest. The rain began to fall heavier and Adrian watched as the boy looked her over, finally dismissing her as a nobody. A sudden violent gust of wind blew the hood off her head, enabling her bleeding ear to be seen. Noticing this, the boy walked forward but Adrian backed away and he stopped.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I only want to help. Cerberus wasn't supposed to do that. You will have a lot of trouble explaining your ear to your parents then they'll never let you walk here again, Adrian" he said quietly. His voice wasn't as cold as she expected but he did sound as though she was trespassing and he only wanted Adrian to leave. But one thing that did bother her was how did he know her name? Suddenly he vanished, and then reappeared in front of her. Adrian was so surprised that she didn't even flinch as he gently brought his hand across her ear. Finally remembering her senses, Adrian took a quick step backwards. The boy raised his chin and looked down on her before turning on his heels, vanishing in a pillar of fire. Adrian sighed and started to run back to the manor.

Fortunately her parents weren't home when she arrived, so they didn't see her slightly distressed form running to her room. Adrian accidentally slammed her bedroom door behind her before throwing herself onto her bed. She didn't know how long she lay there, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain and the branches scrapping against the window. She was too lost in thought.

Darkness began to fall outside and the rain continued to fall. Adrian's room began to get dark but she didn't care. She heard one of the cars pull into the driveway and the front door open. Light footsteps were soon coming up the stairs so Adrian closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Adrian didn't want to be disturbed. She needed more time to think. The door to her bedroom opened slowly then closed and the person went on their way. Adrian was grateful. She needed her own space at the moment.

Adrian could hear her mum bustling around the downstairs kitchen preparing dinner. It wouldn't be long until she came up here to get her. Adrian's thinking had come to an end and she was sitting up crossed legged on the bed, staring into the middle of nowhere. She had finally come to a conclusion about who that was and where she lived.

She sighed. Adrian wished it wasn't true. The person she had just met a few hours ago had been non other than Lucifer. Satan himself. And the land which she lived on was his playground. She was sure of it.


Luineraugwen: See what I mean? Be honest, who thought it would end out like that? Was it that obvious? Oh well. I'll try and update as soon as possible. I apologize if I have offended you but I don't believe in any religion. There are too many to choose from. This is what I think.

"A lot of religions say that if you're not a member of their religion then you'll go to Hell. Well since you can't be a member of all the religions that exist, you'll go to Hell anyway"

Does anyone agree with that? I do. Good thinking. Sorry if you don't like it. Ideas are welcome. Also if you don't agree with the genre, then you can either email me or leave the genre suggestion that you think best suits this story in a review. Thanks.