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Rooney, Shauna and Sadira had arrived at Adrian's house just as her parents were about to leave. After they had left, the teenagers all went inside and piled their belongings into Adrian's room. Shauna pulled the weegie (sp?) board out of her bag and brought it out into the lounge room.

"We won't need this for a while but I'll keep it with me the whole time" Shauna said.

"Your excited about all this aren't you Shauna" Rooney stated and the girl nodded her head madly.

"I think we should wait until it gets dark for two reasons. One, we should eat first and two, it'll be scarier that way" Adrian said and the others agreed.

"Fine by me but what will we have for dinner?" Sadira asked and Adrian smiled.

"Even though the fridge is stocked with food and drinks, my parents left me some money so we could buy pizza. Time to choose your toppings ladies and gents" Adrian announced and everybody cheered. The only hard thing now was choosing what toppings to get and getting everyone to agree on them would be a challenge in itself. Eventually the friends managed to decide on what they wanted and Rooney went to phone the local pizza parlor.

"So what are you guys expecting tonight?" Adrian asked.

"Nothing in particular, we just want to experience something unnatural or rater supernatural. I don't think we're planning to call upon a certain ghost, we don't know of anyone who used to live here but if we can just contact one ghost that lived here, then we'll be happy" Sadira answered. She didn't hesitate in her answer, which made Adrian realize that her friends had organized everything and left her out of the loop. Now that she had found that out, Adrian began to wonder on just how much they were not telling her.

"The pizza with be here in 30 minutes" Rooney said coming back into the room. The friends chatted and laughed until the pizza came. After eating and drinking their fill, the teenagers made their way into the attic.

The air was musty and old. It was dark, almost black, but they could still see small dust particles drifting around after their shoes disrupted the dust-coated floor. The floorboards creaked when someone walked on them. Adrian grabbed an old oil lantern off one of the wooden boxes and lit it. An orange light illuminated their surroundings but it still ended short of the dark corners.

"I thought that you cleaned this place up. It doesn't look like you did though" Shauna said looking around.

"It would take an army to clean this place up. There's dust and grit in here that's probably been around since World War One. But don't worry, I cleaned up an area near the window so we could have the séance with the moonlight" Adrian replied leading them through the piles of old ornaments, boxes, rubbish and furniture until they came to the window. An area of the floor had been swept and the furniture moved to make way for the séance.

"Looks great…compared to the rest of this place" Rooney said sitting cross-legged on the clean area. Adrian placed her self below the window, directly in the moonlight.

"Ready to get started everyone?" Shauna asked, positioning the weegie board in the middle of the little group. Sadira and Shauna then took their places on the unoccupied sides of the board.

"Of course we are" Sadira scoffed. "We wouldn't be here if we weren't."

"Okay, okay. Don't shoot the messenger" Shauna replied holding her hands up in her defense.

"Come on you guys, you were the ones who wanted to do this so get it over with!" Adrian scowled, ending the argument. She had a knack for those kinds of things and a frown or annoyed sound from her would silence almost every fight between her friends.

"Fine. Everybody, place one of your hands on the arrow and relax. Let the power of the ghosts around us guide our hands. O' wandering spirits who once lived in this house, hear our call" Shauna said calmly and closed her eyes. The others watched her for a few seconds before they too closed their eyes. Adrian felt vulnerable with her eyes closed. She couldn't see anything around her and all her ears could hear was the eerie silence of the attic.

A sudden whizzing sound was heard and everyone opened his or her eyes at the same time. Several old books and other things were flying around the group. Adrian smiled. Sot his was Lucifer's entertainment for the night. Not much so far but if it made the other happy, then so was Adrian. The decaying curtains began to billow in an invisible wind and the temperature dropped slightly.

Suddenly everything changed, Lucifer was no longer in charge, and something else was. The pages were ripped from the books and were immediately transformed into weapons. The temperature dropped dramatically and they began to shiver uncontrollably.

"I think you called the wrong spirit" Rooney yelled at Shauna. Indeed, Shauna had called someone she shouldn't have and the girl was beginning to regret her actions.

Boxes started to levitate and zoom around the room, the window glass rattled in it's panels and the attic door was slamming all on it's own. All of a sudden everything stopped but the cold didn't cease. Perhaps Adrian had been wrong. Maybe that had been what Lucifer had been talking about.

Then everything picked up again but with more intensity. The flame of the lantern spiked up and the glass around it exploded, sending shattered glass everywhere. Even after everyone had taken his or her hands off the board the arrow continued to spell out a word, or rather a name.


Her friends looked at her but Adrian just stared at the board, Lucifer's warning ringing in her ears.

"Come on you guys, I think it's time that we got out of here. Let the spirit finish what it started then leave in peace" Adrian said standing up. Rooney and Sadira followed her lead but Shauna looked up at her like she was crazy.


"No buts Shauna. I think I have an idea about who this spirit is and trust me, this is one person you don't want to be around" Adrian said cutting her friend off and pulling her to her feet.

"Your not going anywhere, Adrian" a voice roared. Adrian herded her friends out of the attic before the door slammed in her face. She could hear the others teenagers' distressed yells through the wooden obstacle.

"I will not let you leave this house Adrian. I will not let you steal him from me!" Belle shrieked as she appeared just outside the window. Adrian took a deep breath and turned; a determined expression on her face.

"Belle, you are in serious danger of becoming one big pain in the arse. This is my life and I'll live it the way I want to, which mean that I won't let some jealous ridden ghost tell me what to do! And as for the matter of the house, I live here along with my parents and we can come and go as we please. Who are you to stop us?" Adrian said fiercely and Belle stared at her for a few seconds before sneering. Adrian smiled back, the determined look never faltering. She wanted to show the ghost that she wasn't afraid of her anymore.

"Ill show you just who I am mortal!" Belle screeches and lunged forward. Instead of going through the window, she smashed right through it as though she had a physical body. Glass shattered inwards and Adrian covered her face with her arms for protection. When she took them away, the first thing she saw was Belle's spectral form floating a meter off the floor, the broken shards of glass flying around her.

"I show you just how powerful I am. You won't be leaving this house alive" Belle whispered dangerously and with a simple wave of her hands, she turned the glass into weapons. Adrian dived behind a box as the shards hurtled towards her. She could heat the heavy sounds of the glass imbedding themselves in the wood. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Adrian saw several shards come flying around the side of the boxes and she dropped to the floor as they passed overhead. Adrian knew that she couldn't stay in one place nor could she keep running. There weren't enough places to hide and the attic was crowded. She'd have to face Belle sooner or later. The girl took a deep breath and walked out of her hiding place.

As soon as she did, Adrian regretted it. The miniature weapons immediately assaulted her but she stood her ground. The glass shards whizzed around her, sometimes leaving small injuries on her bared skin. Suddenly, quite a large piece of glass came out of nowhere and flew past her, giving Adrian a nasty gash in her left arm. She stumbled from the blow and tripped over something, hitting her head on a table corner on the way down. The mixture of lost blood and the bump on her head made Adrian's vision and head swim. Exhaustion tiptoed on the edge of her mind and she couldn't even move a finger. Things were beginning to look bad for Adrian as Belle closed the gap between them, the shattered glass dancing around the ghost. Belle raised her rotting hand, her fingernails growing a few inches so they resembled something akin to sharp claws.

" I told you that you'd never leave this house alive. Tonight is no your lucky night, is it Adrian?" Belle said triumphantly and brought her hand down on her girl's battered body. Adrian looked away, closing her eyes tight as she waited for the blow…but it never came. Curiously, Adrian opened her eyes to see the back of someone she didn't know. Two beautiful black wings protruded from their back and the said person was bathed in bright light.

"This human has requested my protection and I have answered her plea. Be gone evil, you aren't wanted here! I shall not allow any harm to be done to my charge. Not now, not ever" a heavenly voice said. Adrian heard Belle shriek in anger and frustration. She couldn't tell what was going on because she couldn't see past the mysterious presence in front of her but by the sounds of it, Belle wasn't going too well. Finally, the being standing before her turned around, the light dimmed so Adrian could see them. She gasped. He was an angel. Adrian mentally kicked her self. The wings should have given that away but unfortunately her brain wasn't working to it's full potential at the moment. Adrian watched as he folded her wings gracefully and approached her. Due to the fact that her throat was really sore, Adrian bowed her head to the heavenly being.

"Now, now, there is no need for that, young one. I was merely answering your request for protection. My name is Lahabiel, in case you didn't already know. I am disappointed to see how much damage that vengeful spirit has inflicted to both you and this manor" Lahabiel said kneeling next to Adrian so he could see her. As he talked, he gently lifted the girl's head up so she could see him.

"Fortunately, I can do something about that. First, a friend of mine gave me this phial of medicine many years ago. I knew not what the reason was but now I do. Take it, it shall heal your wounds. We can't have your friends seeing you like this now can we? There would be far too many questions, most, of which you wouldn't be able to answer. They weren't harmed but a spell was put on them so they wouldn't remember the séance. Hurry up, take the phial. It's not poison" the angel said smiling and taking a glass phial out of his robes. Adrian looked at it for a second before taking the medicine in her hand. She unscrewed the top and lifted the bottle to her lips, taking a sip. Adrian almost spat it back out in surprise. The taste was bitter and strong. It reminded her of an alcoholic drink she once tried. It had been foul or at least that's what she thought at the time.

"It will only work if you drink it all" Lahabiel added, the smile never leaving his face. Adrian glanced at the phial, then at Lahabiel, and back to the medicine. In the end she swallowed the contents in one gulp, despite the taste. As soon as it was all gone, Adrian pulled a face of disgust and the angel chuckled as he took the container back.

"It may have tasted bad but it's doing its duty. See for yourself" Lahabiel said tucking the phial back into his robes. Adrian looked down at her left arm and watched in amazement as the injuries healed.

"Thank you Lahabiel. I don't know what would have become of me had you of not shown up" Adrian said gratefully as the angel helped her to her feet. She gasped suddenly and her hand went to her throat. The protection amulet was gone.

"Fear not child, I have your amulet right here" Lahabiel said calmly opening his hand to reveal the leather charm. "I know not of who gave you this protection amulet but I believe that it was given to you by someone with foresight ability or who care about your safety deeply, thought I sense that it may be a combination of the two " he stated as he lent forward to tie it around her neck. "I'm afraid I must bid thee goodbye for now. Your friends will be waking up soon and you had best go about making your sleeping arrangements for it it late. Until next we meet, Adrian" the angel said and he disappeared in a flash of white light.

"But what about this mess?" Adrian whispered softly. It would take quite a while to clean this place up but it would take days to order the glass in and where would she get the money? She closed her eyes and sighed in defeat. Although Belle had been scared away by Lahabiel, it seemed as though the spirit had somehow won their fight. Adrian would be grounded for life!

Finally she opened her eyes…. and nearly passed out. The attic was back to normal. The boxes and old junk were back in their places as well as the glass window. Now that she thought about it, Lahabiel had mentioned something about fixing up this place. Adrian was now in debt to the angel for life. He'd done so much for her in the time span of about half an hour and yet she had done nothing in return except give him her thanks but for everything he'd accomplished just for her, Adrian didn't think that 'thank you' was enough. She'd have to make a gift for him…but what could she possibly get an angel?

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