Undercover name: Tiana Anderson

Status: Missing or retired

Age: Unknown, though assumed 17 by appearance

Aliases: Ann-Marie, Trinity, Seramela, Tiffany

Real name: Talnaver Arinon

Basic Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, short, and has a tenancy to wear green

Side: Sadrainian

Home Planet: The Hidden planet: Ruuan

Undercover Name: Jessie Carter

Status: Working (Planet: Old Terra)

Age: 18

Aliases: None

Real Name: Jaanenn Cam'dar

Basic Appearance: Brown hair, gray eyes, tall, and tends to wear black and gray.

Side: Imperial

Home Planet: The Imperial home planet: Narus

These words scolled across the screen on a well known base... located on Adaalla 4. One person read them, and swore... he was the only person who knew the whereabouts of Talnaver, better known as Tiana now.

He stood up, and went to locate one who could help him, but, in his haste, left the computer on.

A dark figure crept into the room, a spy, and read this. He assumed quickly why the previous person had cursed, and smiled. A glint came into his eyes.

And in the darkness of the Three Worlds, a new threat began to awake.

Enemies by Heritage


After years of wars, the Sadrainian and Imperial sides finally joined... for a time. As soon as the Union was overthrown, they went back to their old manners.

Talnaver Arinon went back to her home planet for a time, but was not at rest there, for it held too many evil memories for her, memories of the time when she still held power, back before she was forced to surrender all her powers to darkness, to stop the Union.

At last, she completely left the Sadrainian system, and the Imperial systems, and returned to Old Terra, though it was not a place where she would fit in.

This planet is known to us as Earth.

Sadrainea missed the skilled teenage spy, for they couldn't accept that she had gone. But when one of their elven agents, called Armon, found Tiana's locket, he had to accept that she had gone.

She had left without a trace.

It was hard to accept the loss, but she knew that she was no longer truly welcomed there anyhow, and being powerless, she had nothing to do besides sit, and watch, waiting for a time that did not seem to come.

The Imperials jumped in when she left, and for a few years, did not try to trace her down. Talnaver was safe for a time.

But the Sadrainians weren't.

Their queen, the princess of destiny, the one they called Destiny, was forced to make a decision that had been laid off for years, until they had nearly forgotten about it.

They released the one thing that would defeat the Empire... they used Shadowcast.

A power equal to that that the Union had used, many of the agents that were familiar with the Union operatives objected to the use of that powerful magic.

And even then, the Empire would not defeat.

Seemingly, the Imperials had placed several agents on the planet called Old Terra, called Earth. And these agents were the ones holding the Empire afloat, for the Emperor Jayron Brown was not even that powerful.

So the Sadrainians set to Old Terra, in the hopes to once again crush the Empire.

But without Talnaver at their side this time, things were a little more bleak.

Because she was the only one who had faced Brown, and won.