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Info: Kale means strong in Hawaiian. Brendan means little raven. I use the name Brendan often in stories, it's a favorite. Victoria means Victory.

Warning: Shounen ai, yaoi, slash, boyxboy love. Don't like it, don't read it.


"Brendan! So good of you to join us. What brings you here?"

I looked up from staring at the oh-so-interesting floor. The door swung shut behind me, the bell tinkling joyously. My stomach growled at that moment, as if warning the happy sounds. The bells were quiet. The man who had greeted me, Pastor Davis, grinned. His question was answered. I grimaced, wishing my stomach could behave itself sometimes and forget its need for food. At least until the holier-than-thou Pastor had gone.

"Well, it seems someone is hungry," Pastor Davis grinned smugly. "I am glad to know you come to God with your troubles. God will, of course, feed and take care of you."

I barely resisted rolling my eyes. God wasn't the one feeding me, it was a charity organization, Starving Children. In fact, Starving Children claimed no religious involvement. They merely tolerated the self-righteous Pastor Davis to appease the Christian community. It would, of course, be very diabolical for them to tell the Pastor that he could not preach to their customers to starvation .Why, the Christians would be enraged. Everyone //must// be a Christian! I struggled not to growl at Pastor Davis.

"God is happy to fill your stomach, to care for your needs," Pastor Davis was still speaking. "God would be very pleased if you attended his-"

"I'm sorry, Pastor Davis," I cut him off quickly. "I've forgotten that I have something to do right now. Really important. Gotta jet."

With that, I swung around and high-tailed it out the door. When I was what I perceived as a safe distance away, I slowed to a walk. They never failed, the religious preaching of Pastor Davis. More than I had been chased away from the charity feeding organization by him. Most likely he viewed it better if the non-believers starved. If you didn't believe in god, you didn't deserve to live.

I sighed and plopped down on a park bench. It was getting dark out now, and probably wasn't the greatest idea to be at the park, but I couldn't bring myself to care. My stomach rumbled loudly, and the pain I had felt all day worsened. I felt as if I was being eaten from the inside out. Maybe I was. For the millionth time I wished my mother had thought to buy food rather than alcohol.

I let my thoughts drift. It got slowly darker and darker, but I didn't have the energy to get up. The stress of the past week was really getting to me. I was only 17, I wasn't supposed to have to deal with the impending starvation of myself and my little sister. At that thought, I was tempted to go home.

I had left my little sister, Victoria, at home, promising food when I got back. I sighed. She was only 6 years old, she didn't understand. I was partly glad of that. At least she, too, didn't have to worry about starvation. I took care of that. She never went a day without food, though I sometimes did. If I didn't feed her, who would? Certainly not my mother.

I was knocked from my thoughts by a soft growling, barely audible behind some bushes. I tensed and strained to see, but it was too dark out. What was it, a stray dog? I sat stiffly, careful not to make any sudden movements. Perhaps whatever was in the bushes didn't realize I was there. Perhaps if I stayed still it would pass by without noticing. Perhaps I was a goner.

A moment later, I could make out sharp yellow eyes peering out at me from the bushes. There was a snarl and suddenly the beast jumped out at me. I screamed and tried to flee, only to have my leg caught in a sharp embrace of teeth. I kicked at the beast, then turned to hit at it with my hands, the pain flooding my mind. That was a mistake. As soon as I had faced it, the creature, a wolf I decided, pounced and sank his teeth into my neck. I gasped and fell back. A trickle of something warm and wet was on my neck. Blood I realized.

"Begone, beast," A soft voice spoke sternly.

The wolf paused just as it was about to clamp its teeth down in a fatal chomp. I could feel my mind growing hazy from blood loss. The voice said something else, his voice raising to a higher, angrier pitch. The wolf withdrew, but my eyes were now closed, and the only way I knew was by the absence of teeth. A moment later and I was unconscious.

When I next came around, it was to something warm and bitter filling my mouth. A gagged and tried to spit the liquid out, but somehow I wasn't able to control my mouth. I found myself swallowing rapidly. I again fell unconscious.

I woke to warm, silky sheets around my body and a throbbing pain in my leg, neck, and head. I groaned and threw my head to the side, regretting it immediately after. Any movement caused the pain in my body to flare up into more pain than I could stand. Despite my best efforts, I felt tears welling up beneath my eyelids to slip down my cheek. A moment later, I felt something touch gently against my face. My eyes snapped open and my breathing stopped.

There, standing over me, was a guy. He looked to be a few years older than me, maybe around 20. His finger was wiping my tear away, as if he found nothing odd about that. It was uncomfortable, but I found that, somehow, I didn't mind. This boy was very attractive from what I could see in the dark, with black hair and bright blue eyes set on a pale face. Sensitive caresses from this boy was definitely not a problem, and somehow he radiated comfort. I shifted my head towards his hand, freezing as pain flushed through me again. I squeezed my eyes shut.

"Do not move," A soft, vaguely familiar voice spoke.

My eyes snapped open as I realized where I had heard the voice. Memories came flooding back into my mind. Darkness. A soft growling. Pain deep inside my neck, my leg throbbing. Then a voice, calling the wolf away. His voice. I looked up to see the boy who had saved me. All I could see was his face, his body was draped in a black trench coat, effectively hiding him.

"Who are you?" I rasped out.

"I have not been asked that in a very long time," he smiled softly and placed his hands over my eyes, blocking my sight. 'Sleep now. You have need of much rest before you can fully heal." As if he had cast a spell, I feel into the depths of sleep.


"Wake up."

"Mmph," I struggled to pull myself from sleep, but felt weighted down.

"Wake up, Brendan. Now."

My eyes clicked open of their own accord. They were met with piercing blue of the same. Very close up. The skin of my cheek tingled with something. His hair, I realized. It was longer than most people wore their hair, his was to about his shoulders. Not that I could say anything, mine hung down around my ears.

"Sit up, Brendan," he spoke softly, and it was then that I realized it was deathly quiet here. Wherever here was.

I was about to protest, remembering the sharp pains in my body, when I realized that I felt nothing. The pain was gone. Slowly, tentatively, I propped myself up with shaking arms. I felt weak, as if my muscles were no longer there. Yet somehow, I managed to stay sitting up.

"Where am I?" I questioned, wincing as the action hurt my throat.

"In my..." he paused, as if thinking. "Lair, if you please."

"The last thing I remember I..." I lifted a hand to touch my neck. I could feel rough, healing wounds beneath my fingertips.

"You were attacked by a wer-" he paused again, but this time hurried on much faster. "By a wolf. I managed to chase it off, but you were badly wounded."

"What? I..." I frowned, then remembered what I had been doing in the park in the first place. Tori. "I need to go home."

I swung my legs over the side of the bed.

"No, you must stay here," he said.

"I can't," I said resisting the urge to revert to my original position.

"I said," he sounded agitated. "You must stay here. Lie back down, Brendan."

A moment later, I was lying in bed again. I frowned. I hadn't meant to do that, but it seemed like my body had other plans. I glanced suspiciously at the boy beside my bed. He stood there, frowning just as deeply, if not deeper, than me. He pulled the blankets over my body, blocking out the cool air. I wanted to say something, but couldn't force any words out. There was something strange about him.

"You still need much rest before you are able to get up," he said.

"Who are you?" I managed to force from my mouth.

"My name is Kale," he said, the frown replaced with a kind smile, soothing my nervousness away. "Rest now. I will wake you again for dinner."

"Dinner?" I asked, feeling suddenly groggy. "What time is it?"

"It is only noon as of yet," he said, stroking a hand over my forehead. "Sleep now."

And sleep I did.