The windows sway gently,
Rocking in the breeze,
Broken and shattered,
Like my lost dreams.

Reflections of the past,
A past long gone,
Screams of an era,
Lost and forlorn.

Benefits of dust,
To cover the past,
Hide it forever,
Away from my grasp.

The broken doors still stand,
Where they used to be,
Broken and battered,
Just like me.

Rocking in the storm,
Within my heart,
Wind and rain,
Slowly tear apart.

The windows gleam,
Eyes stare at me,
Empty like my soul,
Willing to be free.

It's when the glass reflects my face,
I'm looking into my eyes,
I realize all the hurt,
Which is of no surprise.

The window collapses from my pain,
Shatters in the howling wind,
Glass falls all about,
Imbeds in my skin.

I now walk these grounds blind.
The grounds of my home,
The broken glass and shattered past,
All I'll ever know.

By Siobhan
Date: 28/March/2004