My lord I see you there on high,

nailed like a common criminal

to the cruel unrelenting wood

pointing heavenwords at the sky.

I see the nails driven thru hands that healed

hands that never caused harm

hands that flung stars into space

the true nature of our race revealed.

My lord what have we done

we destory your life

in spite and fear

look what we have done to god's own son.

We have no right

we were shaped by the very hands

we seek to hurt, cruel unrelenting nails

and a crown of thorns made in spite.

My lord such love you show

to our undeserving race

you forgive us as we sneer

you let your love flow.

We don't deserve your love

your forgiveness

yet you freely give it

lamb of god, lord above.

your side was pierced by the soldiers spear

your cleansing blood flowed out

cleansing our souls

yet still we laugh and jeer.

I kneel before your cross

weeping for your life

yet you are not gone

your life is not a loss.

You set us free

by your lifegiving blood

your love has cleansed

and heard our plea.

The passion and love you show

has set me free.

Thanks be to God.