This String, This Weave, This Strand
by Paperclippe
(a/n: This is a poem about - yes!, a very long woven string I made for
someone very close and special to me. I made it like a friendship
bracellet, but intentionally spanned the making over some period of time
and, since it was made on my window sill, using the screen to hold it in
place, it was exposed to all the best of the elements: snow, rain, wind,
sun, dust; and temperatures ranging from -8 to 80. All that extra effort
was just to show that time and tough stuff can only make a real
relationship longer, like the string.)
Take this string
Away from me
The yarn that does remember thee

Take this weave
That I have made
For in it is good luck, I bade

Take this strand
From window sill
Where it was born and did lie still

Take this string
That I did make
If only so it, you would take

Here, this weave
Layed in the sun
For many days 'fore it was done

Here, this strand
Caught up the rain
In hopes that you would ne'er feel pain

Here, this string
Received the dust
So time may do no harm to us

See, the weave
In sun was braided
Still, the yarn had never faded

Through the strand
Rain did soak in
To wash from it my fingers' sin

Here, the string
Collected Earth
To grant you many years of mirth

This, the weave
That I did braid
For thee, so you will never fade

So, the strand
I do now leave
This strand that I took care to weave

Take this string
Away from me
That it may feel like sand and sea

Take this weave
From my pale hand
That smells of sun and sea and sand

Now, take this strand
Away from me
And keep me long in memory