Many were the days I spent in my backyard
Watching the sun appear as the clouds part
I lay on my back upon the sweet-scented grass
And felt the breeze fly by ever so fast

Many were the days under a tree I sat
A book on my lap and on my head a hat
I listened to nature's fine orchestra
Of living creatures near and far

Many were the nights I was lost in thoughts
A little peace of mind in the dark I sought
I found solace in the silver twinkling lights
The stars that shone so burning-bright

Now gone are the days I spent in my backyard
The times spent there, I miss with all my heart
The awning stretches across the sunlit sky
Blocking off heaven's scorching eye

Now when it rains I can no longer see
Droplets of water hanging in the trees
Beneath cemented floor the grass now rest
Where rain can't kiss nor wind caress

But here will dwell always my heart that weeps
Until memories fall soundly to sleep
Then perhaps I would think again and smile
And let my mind wander there a while