By: Selenity Jade ()

Rated: PG

"I'm getting too old for this," a silver-haired man muttered as he stood atop the thick tree branch. He stared down into the clearing, his pale features set in a mask of cool indifference. His waist-length silver hair hung loose, a pair of delicate pointy ears poking through. His silver-blue eyes were fixed on the small bundle that lay in the clearing.

He grimaced and dropped from the branch, landing in a crouch silently. He stayed immobile for a few long moments before straightening and walking just as noiselessly over to the moving bundle. He looked down at it curiously, poking the gray bundle slightly, and starting in surprise as a loud wail erupted from it. He blinked and grabbed the corner of the cloth, pulling it back cautiously to reveal its contents.

The fair man stared open-mouthed at the infant. The tiny baby's black hair framed its chubby face, crystal green eyes regarding him silently after the first wail. Then the little child gurgled happily and held its fat arms out to him, its face scrunching up when he didn't pick the newborn up right away.

He shook his head and picked the baby up, examining it. 'It's human,' the man thought sadly. His clan would never take in a human child. On closer examination, the infant revealed itself to be a little girl with a small tattoo on her lower back in the shape of a dragon warrior. He peered closely at the colorful mark. This was definitely a matter for the High Council, he decided.

He cradled the infant girl to his chest and leapt once more into the trees. He looked down into her innocent emerald eyes regretfully. 'Too bad they'll have her killed.'


"What have you brought us, Dai?" the old king asked in horror. "This child is human! You know the rules of the Clan, Hunter."

The one called Dai bowed his head before his king. "Sire, I am aware of the rules."

"Then why have you violated them to bring this human into our realm?" the elder elf demanded angrily, rising out of his grand silver throne to tower over the kneeling man.

"She was left abandoned in the woods --"

"All the more reason to kill it," a voice interrupted from behind the kneeling elf. Dai turned and looked at the young prince. His long silver blond hair fell down his back, his oddly colored navy blue eyes staring haughtily at the Hunter.

"I examined the child and found a mark, Sire."

"A mark?" the king asked suspiciously.

The elf nodded. "She bears a marking on her back, a tattoo. Of a Dragon Warrior."

The king frowned. "It would be best to kill the child," he said thoughtfully. "The mark could only mean disaster for our people."

A wizened elf coughed politely from his corner in the throne room. "Sire? It might also bring our people trouble if we kill her. It might be an omen, a sign, the gods' will, or a part of some prophecy unknown to us. Hasty actions in this matter might destroy us all." He walked softly towards the king, nodding his head in respect.

"You believe so, Wisdom?"

The old elf nodded. "It might be this child brings misfortune, but it might also be her death would bring it. We cannot act without knowing the purpose of this child in the gods plan."

The king scowled and sat on his throne. "Very well, what do you suggest?"

"Father! The child is human and humans are nothing more than filth."

"Hush, boy," the king snapped and turned towards the Wisdom. "Well?"

"Allow her to be raised here. If she turns out to be dangerous to us, there will be plenty of time to kill the child. Humans age and die so quickly and not one have ever challenged our powers."

The king nodded. "Who would you suggest raise the human? The Clan has long since felt their hatred of her kind."

"The Hunter."

Dai gasped and his head snapped up in surprise. "Me? I have never even taken a mate, Sire. I have no knowledge of raising a child."

"Enough, Dai. Raise the child. Teach her to respect and fear the elven people. Teach her well, Hunter. For if this child turns on us, it will be on you."


AN: I'm in love with this story! I love where it's going and I love how it's working out! Yay me! *Cheers* So many wonderful ideas for this one! More to come!