What's the point of writing,
When I don't know what to write about.
No matter how I try to say it,
It doesn't come from the heart.
Rhythm shouldn't be a problem,
If it comes from within,
What ever you feel doesn't have a meter.
It's love and life,
Put into one,
Words flow freely over the board,
Sketching onto the clear screen.
The improvisation,
I once embodied,
Has come back.
Load music screams.
This is nonsense,
But thoughts are, aren't they.
Don't stop,
Cant stop,
Let the words dance.
Who cares about spelling of grammar,
What's it to life,
In the long run of poetry and feelings,
Who cares?
It's no worry,
I'll write what I feel,
If you don't like it,
Don't read it,
Easy as that.
I wish life was the same.
I wish I could let that go to...

By Siobhan
Date: 29/March/2004