"Did you see her at the party on Saturday? She was all over Paris! It was almost like, disgusting."

"Are you serious? I thought she only just broke up with Adam on Thursday."

"She totally did. What a skank."

Nathan rolled is eyes at their mind-numbingly shallow conversation and attempted to concentrate on his sketch that he had been working on. It wasn't very skilled, seeing as he didn't have much talent for art, but he loved it.

"Hey, girls."

And there he was. The man of the hour and subject that the masses just simply could not stop discussing, Paris Falls. He'd apparently participated in an orgy consisting of him and three girls on Kelly Martin's kitchen table during the party she'd hosted the previous Saturday night. Thanks to a horrendous concept commonly named alphabetical seating, Nathan Faller was constantly seated next to him.

Everyone loved Paris. How could they not? He had an exotic name, he modeled on the weekends for a fairly big name modeling agency, and he was the captain of the state championship winning soccer team. Really, what was there not to love?

Plenty, in the opinion of Nathan. He was a man-whore in every sense of the word. Nate found it utterly disgusting. There was an instance where he had received nine blow-jobs in less than four hours. He felt more breasts in a day than Nathan had even seen in his entire life. The guy got laid at least twice a day and everyone knew it. Why did no one else see how completely revolting he was?

"How goes it, Fag-Boy?" Paris asked, leisurely sitting down in the seat in front of Nathan and snatching away his sketch pad to examine the drawing of a gnarled old tree, "What a nice little drawing."

"Hi, Paris," Nate replied, taking back his sketch with a bored, tired sound to his voice, "Did you enjoy your weekend?"

The majority of Nathan's milk-chocolate brown, elbow-length hair was pulled into a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck, but some of the shorter chunks in his bangs fell forward, obscuring his eye-liner rimmed eyes. Casually, Paris reached over and ran his fingers through the strands of hair before tucking them behind Nathan's ear and flicking the small diamond stud in Nate's pierced ear lobe.

With a large smirk on his lips, Paris murmured in softest possible voice, "I wish that you were a real girl so I could fuck you're lovely little body into a mattress."

Without even asking his teacher for a pass, Nathan stood up and left the room. Behind him, Paris laughed so loudly that Nate could hear him at the end of the hallway.

He went to the commons and bought a bottle of water then sat at a bench.

Nathan was as feminine as a guy could possibly be without actually being female. His hair went all the way down to his elbows and tickled the small of his back when it was wet. He wore make up regularly and applied it better than the majority of the girls in his school. Not only that, but all of his clothes were very form-fitting and were in feminine colors like pastels. He liked pastel colors. They accented his tan.

His parents had never been very accepting of his style and kept a small fund going, putting money in a jar every so often. That was so when he finally decided to change his choice in clothing, there would be money to get him all new clothing quickly.

Nate just thought that was completely stupid. What was wrong with the way he dressed? It wasn't like he was actually gay or anything. He just liked.. feeling pretty.

To be called 'pretty' was like the ultimate compliment to Nate. It had started when he was a kid and watched "Pretty in Pink" on TV one Saturday. The idea of someone liking you so much as to ditch all of their friends and be with you just because you were pretty was insane to him. And he wanted that. He wanted some one who would give up everything just to be with him. Maybe that would happen if he were pretty.

Unfortunately, girls did not think the same way. They did not want 'pretty'. Girls wanted hot, girls wanted sexy, girls wanted. Paris. They all wanted Paris. Most of them had received a piece of Paris. None had gotten all of him yet. But Paris was what they all wanted.

He went back to class to find that they were all going to the library to work on a huge project that would work in to be a percentage of their final. Nate hated it when they did things like that. Plus they had to work in partners for their projects. Because Nate had been out of the room when they were choosing partners, he got stuck with someone he didn't choose.

"Hey, partner," Paris said to him as they all gathered their books and headed down to the school library.

"Why you?" Nate groaned, "Of all of the people in the world, why you?"