"Paris," Nathan groaned as lips-teeth-tongue assaulted the nape of his neck, "Paris, you--uhn! You have an exam tomorrow. Ah! We need to uh, study!"

"No study," murmured Paris, "Kisses." His hand trailed over Nathan's chest, shoulder, arm, anything else he could get his hand on while the other held the smaller boy tight against him, wrapped around his petite waist, gripping hard on his bony hip.

Nathan moaned as a finger lightly flicked his nipple through his shirt, "Paris, stop! Mmmh, too far too fast!"

Grudgingly, Paris moved his head away and stared at Nate. He smiled, "You're so gorgeous…"

"Stupid," Nate muttered, blushing, and pushed away from him, "Grab your math book. You need to study for that exam."

Paris sighed, "I hate algebra…"

"Don't we all," chuckled Nathan. Paris opened the book and Nathan pointed at a section of practice problems for him to do. Paris started on those while Nathan worked on his outline for his English paper.

"I have a photo shoot this weekend," Paris said quietly after he'd done several problems. Nathan just sort of nodded without stopping his work. "I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me."

Nate stopped and looked at him, "Um, what would I do?"

Paris shrugged, "I don't know. It was just an idea and… I wanted to spend more time with you."

Nathan smiled slightly and brushed his chocolate and crimson hair away from his face, "It sounds cool. I've never been to anything like that before."

Smiling, Paris ran a finger down Nate's cheek, "I want you there with me. I'm always busy; I never get to spend any time with you."

"Paris, you're over here more than you go to your own home," Nathan laughed.

With a pout, Paris replied "I like your home better than my home."

"Of course you do, now study."

Nathan nervously entered the building, all gleaming stone and slick steel. A pretentious-looking stick-thin blonde sat behind the reception desk and talked on the phone while painting her nails. Cautiously, he moved over to where she sat and waited for her to finish her conversation. She noticed him and rolled her eyes, "Can I help you?"

"Uh, I am looking for the photo shoot with Assyria Fashions," he said softly, "I'm expected."

She blinked at him, "Are you a model? Make-up artist? Photographer? Assistant? Working on the shoot at all?"

He shook his head, "Um, no…"

"Then I can't let you in."

He frowned, "But I'm expected…"

"And who may I ask is expecting you?"

"Paris Falls," She blinked at him, jaw dropping. He continued, "I'm his boyfriend, Nathan Faller?"

"Nathan Faller?"

Nate turned around to see a bald man wearing colored sunglasses and dressed in a slick, expensive suit. He answered, "That's me."


Nathan followed him over to an elevator while the girl protested weakly. The man pushed the up button and waited for a moment before stepping onto the elevator and holding it open for Nate to follow then pushed a floor button.

"You're Paris' boyfriend?" asked the man while they rode the elevator. Nathan nodded and shook Nathan's hand before explaining, "I'm Joss Eillen, his manager. I was amazed when he told me about you. I didn't even believe it until I realized he wasn't fucking the camera girls and his fellow models anymore. Or am I not supposed to say shit like that?"

"Actually, I find it comforting," Nathan said quietly, "I know what he did before we were together and it's very good to know that he's changed for me."

Joss nodded, "Well, it was definitely a change for the better."

The elevator beeped and Joss stepped off. Nathan followed quickly. People dressed to the nines and fiddling with their Blackberries littered the hallways. He felt increasingly uncomfortable… Joss pushed through a pair of double doors and led Nathan inside where he saw Paris standing in front of a man snapping pictures of him while another guy leaned against his shoulder. Nathan smiled.

Paris noticed him and smiled over at him.

"Oooh, good expression, Paris," commented the photographer. Paris kept staring at Nathan and gave him different looks, making the shorter boy giggle. The photographer glanced over his shoulder at the noise and noticed what was pulling these faces out of Paris. He sized the boy up and down before returning to his subject.

"Kay, Paris, just a few more and you can return to your boy-toy."

Paris glared, "He's not my boy-toy he's my boy-friend."

"Very nice expressions, Paris," the photographer said gleefully, snapping the camera several more times and looking up, "Ok, we're done."

Paris hurried over to Nate and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, "I missed you."

"You saw me this morning at school!" Nate snorted.

"Yeah, but I missed you." Paris shrugged. He grabbed Nate's hand and led him over to the dress area.

Nathan laughed, "You are so desperately love-sick, Paris."

Paris grinned, "I can't help it, being with you makes me happy." Paris then started his tour of the studio, from hair and make-up to wardrobe. Nathan was having fun until he noticed how many women around were glaring at him, murderous looks.

"Why are all those girls looking at me like that?" Nathan whispered. Paris looked around worriedly and saw all of the girls that quickly averted their gazes. Nate looked up at Paris with a worried expression on his face, "Maybe I shouldn't be here…"

"I want you here," hissed Paris, "And if those sluts don't like it, fuck them. You're mine and I want you by my side as much as you can be. What do they matter? You're what's important to me."

"Maybe that's why they hate me," whispered Nate.

"Forget them, gorgeous. My eyes are only on you."

"There are a lot of eyes on me, apparently…"

Paris rolled his eyes, "How are you not used to people staring at you, Nate? Your looks command attention whenever you enter a room. You're gorgeous, babe, and I'm by no means the only one that thinks so. Get used to people looking," Paris said before leaning down and pressing his lips against Nate's ear, "But only looking. Touching is for me only."

Nate grinned and kissed Paris hard.

'Take that, you bitches,' Nathan thought vindictively, 'He's mine.'

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