Bloody Feathers

Soaring in a somber sky
all hopes have run dry
Still I know how to fly
Still I refuse to die

Sheding blood where I stride
My peacock-feathers are stained
Sheding tears when I hide
To often my luck has been strained

Where do I have to go to find peace
What sky can hold a deamon of my kind
Where will I find my souls release
Night has struck me, made me go blind

No matter how far I fly
I can not escape myself
No matter how often I die
I can not delete myself

Ruby tears fill my memory
Cold blood fills my heart
Once white, pure like ivory
I tear my bloody self appart

Endlessly I will soar
Within my small nothingness
Dissolving my own core
and rebulding my emptiness

Until I tumble and collapse again
To an entity of life
One more bloody feather in my span
One less to arrive

At the shelter of madness