Red rose lips, satin skin
The perfect face for the perfect sin
A drop of beauty encased in flesh
Her innocent eyes, her life so fresh

Delicate, frail, easy to break
She lay in my arms by the side of the lake
As the moon rose high in her chariot above
But since when has perfection walked with love?

I studied her curves, that slender waist
She drove me wild as I longed for a taste
So with a tender caress I pulled her near
My desire growing, fuelled by her fear

Stars the sole witness to my terrible deed
As I sank into her neck overcome by my need
Her sweet blood flowed through my body and soul
As she became part of me, we were one, we were whole

I drank and I drank until I was done
And saw on the horizon the glow of the sun
By the shore I left my object of lust
Another conquest that'll soon turn to dust