Chapter 6:

Resolution To A Problem Untold

Chris approached the downtown hospital that housed Bryan. It had been 3 days since Alyssa's funeral, and Chris had sobered up enough to visit Bryan. Chris walked into the hospital inconspicuously, he asked directions and quickly made his way to the room.

Chris walked into Bryan's room, he closed the door quietly behind him, no one else was in the room. Chris drew out a black pistol, exactly like the one Bryan had used.

"You son of a bitch you killed her, I thought you loved her. You know she never stopped loving you even when she found out you killed her brother; no she was better than that. She just happened to love me more than you" Chris said to Bryan, he waved the pistol around like a madman. Bryan was conscious and heard it all; Chris pointed the gun at him.

"Oh you think this is for you, well you thought right, but no I think I'll let you live with your guilt" Chris said to Bryan and scowled, Chris knew what he was going to do now. He raised the gun to his temple. The cold steel pressed against his warm skin and sent a shiver down his spine.

"You took her away from me but now I'll get her back!" Chris screamed and with his final remark he pulled the trigger.

The End