The Beach
I lie on the soft damp sand and let the wet surf kiss my feet,
The ocean waves soothe me; rock me back and forth to sleep.
I submit to the tranquility amidst the stress of this world
And let cool water swallow me, a deep blue-green swirl.

The knowledge of this summer world soon to disappear
Causes me to cry, to beg winter never to come near.
My ecstasy triggered when I'm only at the beach
Is also a grim reminder that this freedom is over in weeks-
While the ocean lingers all year round- growing cold, dead, and numb,
Then springing back to life again, laughing all summer long.
Summer can stay forever, or to the rest of my days,
The sea's grey mist can spray my face and break my dreamlike daze.

Just for my lifetime, summer, please come and stay
So I may enjoy the beach for every day after day.