The Sparks and Flames

A/n: Hey, its Luminae, I'm reformatting this and editing, otherwise, its all the same.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is my own work. If I have infringed upon any copy rights or described any places unknowingly and should not have, please inform me, so changes may be made.


Cold. That is all she feels. A cloud of frost escapes from her mouth silently. She presses into the shadows; the brick wall prevents her from sinking further. "Fuck... Well this part of the city is abandoned anyway right?" Her mind calmly yells her. Yes it is, all of this city is. What was it called again? Historians couldn't even remember the name...It does not matter. It is dangerous everywhere now.

She sighs. She knows things, things she should not. A voice says with disgust, "They have evolved." Startled she looks over, hands seeking out the weapon deeply pocketed in the black trench coat. NO one is there. NO man, NO sneer, NO piercing cobalt blue eyes. Time to run... Run again. She inhales deeply before taking of fast, almost inhumanly.

A paper blows behind her for a moment before catching in the crossfire of natural and speed made winds. It shreds, ripping, from the force. "We will catch them, all of them. Those things. Magi: that is what they are called, ne? Almost five centuries free, and now they return, are you ready Amaya, ready to ride the system of those scum?" The brunette haired man asks, eyes showing all seriousness. They bore into her, like demon-lights, searching infinitely into her soul.

Amaya nearly chokes, "I will think it over. Decisions such as this cannot be made in fruitless haste." She lies but her eyes do not betray her...for now.

He smiles, perfectly wicked, evil even. "You please me, Amaya. Your otou- san would be proud." She bites back a vicious hiss, but her eyes seem to have taken they're own way. As if printed in them were, do not fucking play games with me, he steps back.

"One week. We will come find you then." He turns on his heel and exits the copper and chrome port.

Anaya's, heart pounds faster as the scene plays out in her mind. She runs harder, long silver and blue hair streams behind her. The trench coat bells out, than begins to blow back. She cannot run much farther. It is no use. A shudder runs through her body. Then a floating sensation ripples in her mind. It is...too much. Everything goes black.