Cracked Mirror

Look into the mirror.
What do you see?
oh that hateful beast
awakened in me
Solving my bloodlust
with death painfully
running down my hands
inflicting pain with glee

See how I am now,
A figment of my former self
Life's blood gushing the cry 'how?'
Crimson life, a bitter taste
Razor-edged through life I plow
Rip your heart out with my hands
Flip my hair back, "Dah-ling, Caio!"
Cocky bitch I'm going to hell.

Through the darkness, there is no light.
In the end we go struggling
screaming, we all fight
wounds of life splayed upon them
From the weak I draw, I bite
Touching memories, stealing souls
Use your will and all your might
I always claim what is mine to take

Damned, for sure, that I am
Wicked demon sorceress
I value nothing I taste of all
Creature of the darkness
Do you dare to tangle with me?
Sharp to your neck, I press
Destruction disaster, hai, that's me
Through mine eyes life is meaningless