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            The Oasis Islands were known to many as a small cluster of islands lying just off the south-western tip of Africa, the Cape Peninsula. These islands were magnificently lush islands that bore tropical fruit and flourishing vegetation. The islands were thriving. Not only did they have enough food to feed all those who resided on the islands, but they often made perilous journeys across the Dark Waters to sell some of their harvested fruit to those who lived on the Cape. Though there was always an abundance of fruit on Candor Island, the most fertile of all islands, these journeys were rare and only made by the bravest of men.

            The reason for this was simple. Fala. At least, that was what the ancient ones had called the demon ruler of the Dark Waters, specifically the waters surrounding Candor Island. A Spanish trader, who had once foolishly ventured to the island and mocked the people for their inane fears, had dared to swim in Dark Waters unprotected. The people of the island did not attempt to stop him. They did not like being scorned and they also were aware of the fact he would bring more men like him to the islands if he survived. The island inhabitants were not violent people, but they heard of the horror stories of diseases and famine foreign devils brought to other islands. They liked their peace and did not want to see the islands ruined for prosperity.

            They watched from the safety of the beach as the Spanish trader cut through water in smooth strokes. They listened to his taunts without responding and they observed a dark, silver dorsal fin gracefully slice through the surface before sliding back under water a few feet before the Spanish trader. The trader's piercing cries barely escaped his throat before he disappeared into murky, thrashing water which quickly bubbled crimson. He had screamed, "Tiburon!" It was his native tongue for shark, but Fala was not just any shark. The villagers hoped this sacrifice would appease the demon ruler of the Dark Waters.

            The islanders feared Fala to the depths of their being. This demon was no ordinary beast which they could easily hunt and slay when she devoured a villager. Some believed she could change at whim from human or beast. Few had seen the demon, but all described her decidedly as part female, part shark.

            Those who survived this glimpse of Fala reported to the village that at first glance she would appear as a tall, sleek woman. She seemed perfectly proportioned as a woman who had ebony shoulder-length hair, but a closer look would reveal her for the beast that she was. Her skin was tinted the silver-blue of a shark and five large slits on her sides were gills. Although she had arms and legs instead of caudal and pectoral fins, a large dorsal fin emerged from her back. She still swam with the speed and precision that would make any shark proud.

            Those who were unfortunate enough to see her face recounted her eyes were those of a predator, entirely black and fathomless deep pools of calculating patience and lust for flesh. One woman who had stumbled upon Fala sunbathing even claimed that the demon had looked her straight in the eye and smiled at her, showing off her rows of razor sharp, lethal teeth before she lazily stretched, waded into the water and gracefully glided into the murky depths. According to ancient ones, there were once many demons such as Fala that terrorized every one of the islands. All but Fala had been slain by the islanders.

            Fala didn't appear to have any trouble breathing in or out of water. She seemed to possess human intellect and predatory savageness. Islanders had debated which was worse and eventually decided the human part was the bad part. After all, only humans killed for pleasure or intentionally tortured their prey. Fala was the worst kind of predator, but like all predators, she was all grace, poise and menace.

            Fala was blamed for everything. The islanders always found some method of faulting her in all occasions. If a young boy drowned in the Light Waters, the only place known where Fala could not swim, the islanders believed she sent other animals to do her dirty deeds. If the weather went awry and torrents of rain drowned out many of their crops, it was believed that the Heavens were punishing Fala for existing and Candor Island would suffer with her.

            One problem that the residents of the Oasis Islands could not fault Fala with was the arrival of foreign devils with flaxen hair. They slowly arrived on the islands, one by one, but they were not peace-loving folks. They carted precious fruits and vegetation back to their ships and used their powerful weapons on any islander who tried to stop them. They killed islanders and pilfered village goods. One by one, the islands fought back and one by one, the foreign devils began conquering the Oasis Islands.

            Residents of Candor Island began to despair when their island was the only one left unconquered. They were not foolish enough to believe that the men would stop at all the other islands. A large ship loomed in the deep waters surrounding the island. Every day the islanders awaited their doom.

            The day had finally come when the foreign devils set off in row boats heading toward the island. Midway across the Dark Waters, the boats were overthrown and the men floundered until one by one they floated lifelessly in reddened water. More boats were sent down from the big ship and those in these rowboats suffered the same fate.

            The foreign devils were bemused and not just a little frightened by the bloodbath taking place in front of them. They were undoubtedly terrified when Fala grasped the edge of a righted rowboat and emerged from the water to face them. Proudly displaying her fierce teeth, she spoke for the very first time, in a booming voice, to declare, "I am Fala, protector of Candor Island. The other islands of the Oasis are at your mercy for those islanders have killed off their protectors. This island belongs to the people and will remain theirs as long as I live to protect it. Those who oppose me will face certain death."

            The last thing the foreign devils were considering was opposing Fala. With pallid complexions, the remaining foreigners sailed off within an hour abandoning not only Candor Island, but all of the Oasis Islands as well. With their departure, the islanders cheered and a portly gentleman called out that from now on they would sacrifice two humans annually in return for Fala's protection.

            Fala, who stood on the boat slowly drifting towards shore, winced. "I'd rather you didn't. I find humans… lacking in good taste," she stated. "I'd prefer succulent seals and sea lions, thank you." With that said, she dived into the water and the villagers returned to their festivities. Fala, who was once feared by all, became the object of their worship.

            There were further encounters with Fala, but they were of a more curious nature. She would come up to see the children play and splash in the waters and sometimes even join them. The Dark Waters were no longer forbidden seeing as Fala did not seem to mind sharing her waters as long as no damage was done. The islanders had all learned a valuable lesson. People, or demons, are not always what they seem to be.

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