The five chickens of the apocalypse.

One day I was walking along my local main street, with my pet gibbon, Michelangelo. He was a big gibbon, as gibbons tend to be, as they are monkeys and monkeys are big, so therefore he was big, being both a gibbon and a type of monkey, which in a way are the same things.

Anyway, I was on my way down to the video store, to borrow the latest box office hit, Random Violence And SwearWords, starring Adam Sandler. But suddenly, five chickens, with feathers of fire stepped out in my path!

The biggest one stepped forward.

"I am War." Said the big chicken. "These are my brothers and sisters, Famine, Hunger, Pestilence and Clarence."

"Hmmm." I said. "Nice to meet you all, but I must be on my way."

"No!" said Famine, the only female chicken. "For we are the five chickens of he apocalypse!"

"Well firstly, it's supposed to be horsemen of the apocalypse."

"Well, sure you are Famine, and those three are." I said gesturing towards Famine, War, Hunger and Pestilence. "But since when is Clarence one of the lineup? I mean he doesn't have an apocalypse-related title, does he, he just has a normal name."

"You don't have to be mean" said Clarence in his thick voice. "Just because I have a non-specific name, doesn't mean I'm not one of the chickens of the apocalypse."

"Well, even so, as I said before, it is the four horsemen of the apocalypse."

"Well," said War. "That is a common misconception, for you see in myth and legend they always presume horses are involved you see, for they are so clever and beautiful, but nobody even considers chicken, no because we are useless for everything except laying eggs" he said in sarcastic voice.

"Well you learn something everyday" I said.

"Yes you do." Said Hunger, just so he could get an actual role in the story apart from just being a non-speaking part of the group.

"I agree" said pestilence, for the same reason.

Then, suddenly, they started attacking the world, in a rather nasty manner, pecking away at the concrete, and setting fire to things with their flaming feathers. In the end, the world was destroying and everyone went to hell, except me and a man name Fidelus Eggbuffer, who went to heaven for being so clever and nice.