A long time ago, I learned to know what hurts

Not to play with fire or mess with knives

I knew what made me dwell into tears

And I knew to avoid it.


Why now does everything pull me down?

Friends, grades, shouts, words, dates

And push me between insanity and faith?

There's the solution, between me

And my fear, my antagonistic dreams

And then there's a wish, a hope

That fights within me, keeping me here

There's a fight

My misguided sympathy

My caring anger, driving me to help

My caring fury driving me to slander

There's a friend

Who wants something more of me

Who doesn't realize it quite yet

Who hardly seems to know me

There's a letter

Etched on a piece of paper

Marking my intelligence and worth

A percentage that has the wrong number

There's a rage

Burning through my mind

Pushing me down, destroying thought

Taking every form against me

There's a stigma

A mark of shame only I see

Still hurting on the inside, somewhere

Reminding me of how I've been