Staring at my reflection in the water,
My face waving with the waves.
Emotions flowing through me,
Slithering as quickly as the current.
Silver eyes stare at me,
Flickering dimly with sorrow.
A pale face turns to me,
Flawless, white, and blank.
I reach out to touch the image,
And it reaches out to me.
Out fingers touch ever so gently,
Ripples floating across my face.
The wind blows gently,
Causing my face to bend and twist.
For a second the picture disappears,
And all I see is cold, empty water.
I look deeply into the darkness,
And I see nothing.
The water reflects what I feel,
What I see and what I want.
The empty image in the mysterious water,
Is what I am inside.
I feel, nothing,
I see nothing.
I hear nothing,
Nothing but the cold, icy touch of the water.
The image reappears,
The crystal mirror repaired.
It stares at me again,
With those sad, empty pools.
I look deep into its eyes,
It looks deep into mine.
I study its face,
It studies mine.
I see sadness in it,
It sees sadness in me.
I see pain in it,
It sees pain in me.
I feel numb again,
It looks numb again.
The image on the water,
My reflection of life.
The waters ripple as raindrops fall,
Making it impossible for me to see me.
I walk away,
Leaving the water behind.
Leaving everything behind,
And finding nothing ahead.
The image stays in my mind,
Soft and wavering across my eyes.
Reflecting what I look outside,
And what I am missing inside.
an~repost with spacing