"You know , I thought you were some type of autistic when I met you yesterday." Jessica was saying around a peanut butter sandwich. "What were you doing out there anyways?" She stared coolly at the younger girl. There was something odd about this kid but Jessica just couldn't figure it out. She watched as the girl 'unmade' her lunch.

The innards of a turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato lay on a napkin in front of Sarah. She checked and double checked the slices of wheat bread and sheets of lettuce for evidence of damage.

"I like my solitude." She mumbled.

Then carefully inspected her red apple for bruises and soft spots that a pill could have been slid into. He juice box, being covered and plastic and unleaking was the only thing that escaped this lockdown. Satisfied with its condition , Sarah remade her sandwich omitting the slimy tomato whose seeds could be anything in disguise.

" Man you're even more picky about your food than me." Jessica laughed as Sarah finally took a bite. " What else you got in there ?" Jessica asked indicating Sarah's pink lunchbox.

Sarah shrugged and reached in again, pulling out a cup of chocolate fudge pudding. Her eyes lit up then darkened as she noticed the edge of the seal pulled up. She opened her mouth so explain to Jessica but before she could say anything someone yanked the pudding cup from her hand.

"Hey retard you gonna throw this one away too?" Chase Katerman's leered from behind her. Everyday since the beginning of the year he and his friends had watched the queer little girl toss out the best parts of her lunch after poking around it like some retarded chimp. Today he figured was the day to put a stop to her stupidity. He held the pudding cup teasingly over Sarah's head as he taunted.

"Whats wrong dork? You think somebody's trying to poison you?" He ripped the top of the pudding cup and stuck his finger into its rich chocolaty goodness.

"What's your problem kid?" Jessica was one her feet and around the lunch table in seconds. She towered above Chases blond head and glared down at him like the devil she was.

"You think its funny to pick on someone smaller than you punk?" Jessica poked him in the chest with an accusing finger.

"Whatever man, like you weren't just sticking around her so you could get her food!" he charged sticking his pudding covered finger into his mouth. "Besides , its not like you can do anything about it , you're to goody goody any way." Chase tilted his head back and squeezed the remainder of the pudding into his gaping maw.

"Ill show you goody goody!" Jessica seething with indignant anger balled her fist and smiled as it impacted the side of Chase's jaw. He stumbled backward in shock. Tears streamed down his face as the imprint of Jessica's fist darkened on his cheek. By now very eye in the cafeteria was watching and kids abandoned their trays to urge the fight on. Echoes of 'Fight Fight' was heard all the way to the teachers lounge.

"Secoia!" Mr. Burlworst's voice sounded against the din. The noise in the cafeteria went out like a light as the chunky assistant principal lumbered his way across the floor. His thick neck was red with anger and exertion as he barreled down on the mob of children. With one look he wrongly accessed the situation.

"Secoia my office now!" he barked "Katerman, clinic! The rest of you get back to your tables." Midstride he stopped and slowly turned around. The color was rapidly draining from Chase's face. His skin had taken on a grayish green color beneath the red flakes of sunburn. "Katerman, I said get to the clinic!"

The blond boy took one faltering step. His lips parted and a stream of chocolate laced vomit exploded from his mouth as he fell limp on appalled assistant principals feet.

Sarah looked on in horror as her deepest wish and worst nightmare came true. Chase seemed to be falling in slow motion. The slop from his chest arched and followed him to the ground. Mr. Burlworst leapt back in shock and disgust as the boy landed in a pile of his own refuse.

Sarah's eyes were wide and blank. She heard nor saw nothing after witnessing her nightmare unfold. She wasn't aware of rocking back and forth in her chair until she stopped. She wasn't in the cafeteria anymore. She sat on a bed in a darkroom. The bedspread itched her legs, her back felt cold against the whitewash walls. Somewhere, in the next room perhaps, music thumped loudly. But it only came through as a dull vibration, indistinguishable from the girls thumping heart.

Footsteps in the hall lead her eyes to a door, it swung open and a harsh yellow light seeped into the darkness. A girl with fiery red hair stood in the door way . She wore a 'Green Peace' T-shirt and jeans shorts. Her green eyes seemed warm and trusting. She came into the room and closed the door behind her. The bed creaked as she sat down and scooted back to lean against the wall as well.

Sarah didn't know she was speaking until she stopped. The green eyed girls finger pressed against her quivering lip as she draped her arm around Sarah's neck.

"Its ok Sarah. It wasn't your fault." The girls voice seemed far away and drifted further as she spoke.

"You couldn't have know there was a pill in that pudding. Besides Chase disserved it." The green eyed girl tried to laugh but the issue weighed to heavily on her heart. For such a young child she understood death all too well.

"You don't have to be scared any more. The people here are really nice. I've lived with them since I was five. You'll like it here, I promise. But you've got to eat. Those bad people you used to live with aren't here, the police took them and they are never coming back. They cant poison you anymore Sarah. You're safe here."

Jessica removed her hand from Sarah's mouth. The younger girl continued her fevered whispering. Re-living the scene of Chase's death over and over fearing it could have finally been her.

"All fall down." She whispered as her eyes glazed over again and the scene reeled in slow motion from the camera behind her eye. "all fall down all fall down all fall down all fall down."

Over and over until it wasn't just Chase she saw laying there , but Mr. Burlworst, and Jessica and Megan and Mrs.Finney and everyone she had ever seen, laying face down in a puddle of vomit and mucus. The last face she saw before her body succumb to dehydration and fatigue was her own. Brown hair matted with chunks of turkey lettuce and cheese. Eyes blank and staring. Chocolate pudding oozing from parted lips which still twitched as the last words passed over her teeth and escaped into the atmosphere.

"All fall down."