Tears of Pain
29 March 2004
10:56 PM

All alone, tears streaming down my cheeks
No one hears my sobs, my choked cries and pleas
Help me, release me from this pain
I can't bear it anymore! It's too much!
I've spent too many nights crying myself to sleep
No one offering me comfort except for a childish
Stuffed animal
No one seeing past an outside image to the
Hurt inside
All alone, tears steaming from my eyes
The pillow, now soaked, absorbs my pain filled cries
My heart hurts, my soul is screaming
I feel ripped into two
I'm sick of crying myself to sleep
I'm sick of feeling like no one cares
I'm just a burden that no one wants to bear
I'm sick of hearing "come to me if you need to talk"
That's just a load of bull!
When I REALLY need you, you aren't there
Don't feed me lines of crap just to make yourself
Feel needed
I'm sick of having no where to turn
Because I get these looks of pity
I need someone who will listen
And not judge me! Someone who will just
LOVE me.
All alone, tears streaming down my face
Someone please help me, take me from this place.