Forced to your faith

From the moment I awake I am forced to bear your faith
Nothing I can touch is clear of your hated trace
I have heard so many parables
from your vindictive book of grace
that I could repeat each line
with a smile on my sad face

Every time I turn around
or turn away your god is there
in our schools in or homes some say its in the air
but listen here my christian friend
your words are but moving air
you call out to this god
but I know He isn't there
you've been forsaken
all these years you were mistaken
hearing voices on the wind
why cant you accept
that people differ
truths are what we believe
and what I perceive is that
I have no need for you morals
You backwards way of life
Hello Catholics loosen up
Stop giving me strife
What I believe is between me and my soul
But if I see you suffering no doubt you'll be told
Of the glories of my practice
Of the truths behind my views
Of the energy I feel
When I am amongst you fools

Some come to my door
On Saturday morning
Way before the birds have sung
Or minds have opened
They peddle their beliefs
But I one of open mind
Take their pamphlets and read it
But where do I find mine
The ones I give out when they come to MY door
Hidden in chinks in the fence
Or tucked into the hedges
To fall out or blow by while
I am off to the masses

How can pastors preaching tolerance
Be so closed minded on my views
They give me theirs I give them mine and somehow
By some divine act I get mine back
Not read or even touched by christian hands
but dropped like poisoned tacks
It's a disgrace how people are treated
Like the snake you fear
You hide until the time is right
Until karma strikes back to cry for god to have your back
But guess what little girl no devil pushed you
No demon threw you down
Your own actions built up
and your world burnt to the ground
Do you dwell on this misfortune
Cry out in vain
Or pack it in and move on make up for the pain
By being a better person build your bridges of stone
Keep your tongue in check and your mind on you own
Do you seek out your fortune keep your karma clear
Or sneak around in the mud with your nose in the air
Talking behind other peoples back
Whispering secrets whose truths you lack

Who do you blame when your good times run out
Where do you turn when you start to doubt
To fear and drugs and alcohol and abuse
But guess what hon these things are no use
Sure enough they give you a buzz
Funny it feels just like god
One can only be yelled at for so long
Be trod down in dirt
Stripped of all worth
You have no control of your destiny
so you beg and you grovel oh god please help me but guess what again
If what you believe is true all this pain is just god loving you

Ive been forced to your faith and I know more of it than you
All you know is what you hear what is shown to you
But I one of sound mind and firm heart
Have seen this lie and picked it apart
Look back and history my lovely friend jew
and tell me what you see what you know about you
I know of all the trials and troubles your people faced I know of the exodus I know of the grace
But tell me beyond that do you really truly know?
I do the answer is plain and clear form Egypt you grew
I would tell you oft but its not my story to tell
For the hour grows late and the too numb
And the mind begins to drift
And the figures have swum
But I have faith in the truths which my mind lays to rest
upon this computer whose slowness I detest
Fare well good night
blessed be all my friends
And on our parting I'll pray for you
You pray for me

~migraine coming on. Will complete at later date. much luv. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~ Nat